BitKop Initially Launched ‘Global Selection Plan’ on CryptoEXPO Asia Singapore

Place/Date: - October 30th, 2018 at 3:59 pm UTC · 1 min read
Contact: Business Email BitKop, Source: BitKop

This sub-forum focused on the subject of “The next inflection point in the development of blockchain market”, making a concentrative discussion on the breakthrough of the development in public blockchain technology field, commercial application of dapp, the development of STO, the stablecoins and global regulatory policies, etc.

In addition, BitKop COO Mei Zhuang launched a brand strategy which marked the milestone achievement of BitKop, and announced the 2018 BitKop “Global Selection Plan”.

BitKop’s “Global Selection Plan” will select 10 most featured projects worldwide, which will be awarded the title of BitKop Exchange “Global Featured Projects” of 2018.

The projects winning this title will receive one million worth of global advertising resources, covering 1000 media worldwide, which will provide these projects the greatest exposure and publicity.

At the same time, BitKop will host two roadshows worldwide for the top 10 global featured projects. They will also have the chance to be shown on the New York Times Square Screen. Through this plan, BitKop hopes to provide a platform for premium projects and teams, bringing better trading experience and investment targets to its users.