BitLox Launches Indestructible Hardware Bitcoin Wallet With Unprecedented Security and Privacy Features

Place/Date: - February 23rd, 2016 at 6:48 am UTC · 3 min read

Two indestructible state-of-the-art Bitcoin hardware wallets have entered the market; titanium encased ‘BitLox Ultimate’, and ‘BitLox Advanced’ securely encased in aerospace grade alloy.

With a sleek shockproof and weatherproof metal case the size of a credit card, measuring only 4 mm in thickness and a weight of only 25g, BitLox hardware Bitcoin wallets pack a punch. BitLox wallets feature a 2″ full matrix advanced e-paper display, multiple layers of PIN protection and Bluetooth LE for access on the go with your smartphone.

BitLox’s hardware Bitcoin wallets include a range of unprecedented features for ironclad Bitcoin security and privacy of users, with multiple wallets (each with its own encrypted seed) and numerous security features.

BitLox, The Most Advanced Hardware Bitcoin Wallet On The Market:

Encased in indestructible titanium and aerospace grade alloys, and sporting unprecedented privacy and security features, BitLox is proud to have developed the ultimate secure Bitcoin storage solution for end users, organizations and companies operating in the Bitcoin sector.

Using the Darknet with Tor, I2P and TailsOS Access, Without Compromising Security:

Only BitLox has the ability to use the security of the ultimate hardware Bitcoin wallet combined with the absolute privacy of Darknet access tools. Hardware wallets can be used with BitLox’s TOR based access, or even the newest privacy network I2P.

Astonishingly the BitLox can also be used with the epitome of anonymous networking – the TailsOS – where every boot and use is as with a clean computer.

Hidden Bitcoin Wallets No One Else Can Access, or Prove They Even Exist:

BitLox is proud to present hidden Bitcoin wallets. Users can keep an extra stash of funds in special wallets that are indistinguishable from random data. It is impossible to prove that these wallets even exist. This gives you perfect plausible deniability.

BitLox recommends placing a small amount of BTC in an open wallet, with the bulk of remaining funds hidden. In the unlikely case of extortion or coercion, one could even reluctantly give up one hidden wallet. But that’s OK, because the BitLox supports up to 50 hidden Bitcoin wallets for unprecedented privacy and security of users.

Duress PIN for self-destruct:

If there ever is a need to quickly return the BitLox to the factory fresh state, the duress PIN can be used in place of the normal device PIN to instantly and irrevocably wipe the BitLox memory.

Anti Evil Maid, Available Only on BitLox:

AEM, or Anti Evil Maid, is a system where users set a special recognition phrase so they can always verify that it is their BitLox, instead of a device substituted by some evil actor intent on finding out the device PINs.

Quad Passwords For Layered PIN Protection:

A device recognition PIN, device power-on PIN, wallet PIN, and even a per transaction PIN are all configurable. Users can customize their BitLox with as many layers of PIN protection as they desire, without sacrificing usability. Only BitLox supports multiple layers of PIN protection.