Bitzon – Enabling SMEs to Globalize

Place/Date: Canada - September 24th, 2018 at 3:11 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Bitzon, Source: Bitzon

While the opportunities are exponential, the challenges that come along cannot be overlooked; challenges such as such as high capital investment, low scalability, lack of data security, etc. Additionally, SMEs tend to have a limited product line to showcase on the internet, and over half of their earnings are dedicated to sales and overhead costs. Hence, they are left with very scant opportunities to grow in the e-commerce ecosystem.

To resolve these complexities and furnish a stable and affordable platform for SMEs to flourish, Guyverson Jr. Vernous introduced to the world an efficacious solution – the Bitzon network.

Bitzon is a blockchain-based platform that allows buyers and sellers to harness optimal value out of the e-commerce sphere without bothering about budget constraints. Moreover, it also ensures flexible trading with various coins, tokens, and credit options offered on the platform.

Benefits of Using Bitzon Platform

Bitzon is a unique platform where users across the globe can buy and sell products at a low cost. It offers tons of benefits for both, the buyers and the sellers:

For Buyers

  • A plethora of options to buy unique and bespoke products manufactured by small-scale businesses from across the globe
  • Purchases can be made through cryptocurrencies or BITZON tokens at a minimal transaction fee
  • Receive cash backs, offers, discounts on payment via BITZON tokens
  • Easy-to-understand interface that offers an extensive catalog of items with filters and refined categories
  • A guarantee that all items on the platform are verified and authenticated and adhere to their product description
  • A 10% discount on lifetime purchases when transacting via BITZON tokens

For Sellers

  • Avail cost-effective and easy-to-use tools along with an innovative and straightforward interface to showcase products worldwide
  • Reliable opportunities to enter the international consumable market
  • Extensive support from the Bitzon team
  • Products can be sold in different currencies as per the seller’s preference
  • When sellers opt for BITZON tokens, they get a 50% discount on the monthly subscription along with the benefit of no exchange fees

Initial Coin Offering

Bitzon launched its ICO on September 1st, 2018, the coins are allocated in the following ways:

  • 65% is reserved for sale
  • 10% is shared amongst the partners and advisors
  • 13% is distributed amongst the project team
  • 8%  is contributed towards bonus and reserves
  • 3% is reserved for bounties

Once the token sale campaign concludes, tokens can be purchased or sold on various cryptocurrency trading platforms. The team plans to collaborate BITZON tokens with over 12 such international platforms, allowing users to exchange these tokens for an alternate liquid cryptocurrency. The allotment of sale proceeds will be conducted in the following manner:

  • 52% will be used for branding and marketing
  • 14% will be tendered to infrastructure development
  • 5% will be contributed to legal and financial overheads
  • 3% will be added to bounty and overheads
  • 3% will be reserved for gift code inventories

Enabling SMEs to Compete Head-on with Conglomerates

By providing an easy interface and effective functionalities, Bitzon platform envisions to create a reliable ecosystem for small businesses to grow in the competitive global market. It allows sellers to exhibit their products in the international consumable market through a cost-effective approach, thereby offering them equal and substantial opportunities to thrive.

Expanding the Horizon Via Airdrop

Presently, social media has emerged as one of the biggest marketing platforms. The creators of Bitzon understand this and have leveraged the power of social media to promote their platform on a larger scale. Bitzon Airdrop allows users who to promote the platform on typeform or social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc., for 30 Million BITZON coins in return for their contribution.