Blocformglobal: Monopoly Breakdown. Integrations Dawn

Place/Date: - May 24th, 2018 at 9:39 pm UTC · 7 min read
Source: Blocform

However, many talented musicians don’t reach the peak of popularity due to numerous objective conditions including the lack of money and opportunities to present the world with their artwork and the inability to obtain copyrights.

The worst pitfall is there are no pertinent laws or an authoritative institutions to help protect the rights of new artists. This is not healthy for the artists nor for the overall music industry. This process needs to be fair, transparent, and clear allowing artists to extract value from their work.

To support ascending stars and help realize their dreams of becoming real stars, Singapore music lovers have employed their rich technical expertise to implement the Blocform project with an ICO purpose.

Blocform Is Creating the Three Biggest Communities

Music creators are an invaluable gift to the world. Their work should be deservedly esteemed and  preserved in the best possible way. The founders of Blocform have come up with a unique solution to help artists demonstrate their talent to the community and get a decent income while doing the things they love.

They decided to develop the whole ecosystem based on blockchain technology with their own BFG token system, through which users interact and transact with famed personalities having innovative experience in the entertainment, e-commerce, and travel industries.

These are the three core communities Blocform is targeted on, allowing their participants to make smart payments through BFG tokens all around the world.

As a part of this system, the Blocform team has created a mobile application for Android and iOS, by which musicians can deliver high quality, exclusive, short-form video content to smartphone users.

Artists can easily connect with their fans through posting their news and schedules and promote their products without the need to depend on a third party. Fans can track their idols accurately and can access an enormous collection of their preferred artists to directly support them without paying an extra fee.

The Blocform app contains a great variety of unique features for connecting celebrities and users:

  • Brilliant selling features
  • Digital tools
  • Idol tracking ability
  • Sticker inventory
  • Live streaming
  • Live updates in the form of status, pictures, etc.
  • Gifts to celebrities and artists

In addition to free functionality, the app offers users a paid feature to access the exclusive, premium content, ad-free for only $2.99 per month. The main goals of the app are to bring tremendous value for the users as well as financially supporting artists.

Musicians are provided with various channels to be rewarded:

  • They can sell their compositions, music productions, creative products, art projects, and branded stickers for fans.
  • They can air live performances.
  • They can join online platforms.
  • They can become guest judges on television shows and other events.
  • They can organize fan meetings.

Since the Blocform project takes care of all music lovers, the most active fans are also financially encouraged. Blocform offers a reward for the fans to use to store BFG and act as a payment method for the following:

  • Sponsor favorite artists and invest in potential artists
  • Sponsor booking online events
  • Purchase artists’ works and tickets as a means to
    support them
  • Book hotels and flights and pay hotel and other expenses if incurred
  • Buy merchandise via online e-commerce
  • Pay for subscription features
  • Transact between fans

The Blocform project is designed not only for supporting unknown artists, but also for encouraging the biggest stars in the world. Its aim is to facilitate a niche channel for their hard-earned fame by producing, distributing, promoting and monetizing high-quality content from outside the boundaries of their primary occupation and existing contractual relationships.

This helps them upgrade their quality and maintain and grow the pervasiveness of their valuable personal brands. By enhancing their brands, stars are able to reap more financial rewards from their efforts and their very full calendars. Blocform also simplifies the process of organizing concerts through its transparent and secure payment system for ticket sales.

Another crucial part of the Blokform project, is the Top Trade Platform. This is designed for merchants and consumers in the global scale trading community that allows them to use BFG token as the means of direct online payment. It takes only 5 minutes for merchants to open a new online store, while consumers get the opportunity to chat and purchase in a convenient way.

The travel community benefits from Blocform by using Top Trade App, particularly its online booking service, through which travelers are able to book flight tickets and hotels in over 200 countries engaged in the BFG token system.

Precisely, these three main communities determine the BFG’s potential value that is expected to be dramatically increased in the nearest future.

Blocform Token System Peculiarities

For the purpose of the ICO, Blocform Global has generated BFG tokens based on Ethereum and ERC-20 cryptocurrencies. They use blockchain technology to secure and validate transactions without the involvement of 3rd parties.

BFR tokens can be obtained by users through participation in the Blocform Initial Token Sale (ITS). The first launch of the sale is 270 million Blocform Token, 13.5% of the Blocform total issuance at the rate of 1 ETH – 4613 BFG. The quantity supplied is fixed and cannot be changed.

Throughout the process, 13.5% are to be available to participants. Any remaining BFG tokens are to be in a locked account and either burned or distributed among the tokens holders depending on the voted decision of the community.

The ITO date is May 10, 2018, and it ends in 8 weeks. The remaining tokens available set forth on the ITS after September 1, 2018, are to be burned.

The launch of BFG and the token release event give the project the opportunity to grow and increase influence. After Blocform is launched as an advanced social networking site, it can continue to evolve into an e-Commerce platform and online exchange.

Once Blocform is listed for trade, participants can swap with tokens or choose to hold their tokens for any period they wish. For this evolution purpose, Blocform has established an international ecosystem with partners from the USA–China-Japan-Korea-India within the entertainment, travel and e-commerce industries, ready to accept its BFG tokens to purchase exclusive content and other goods and services.

BFG Payment gateway is ready for these services:

Mobile APP World Celebrities

  • Collecting Big Data: 100,000,000 fans (download digital content)
  • Membership fee
  • Revenue from Advertising Services
  • Revenue from Stickers Selling
  • Mobile APP E-Commerce

  • Selling Products/Services to The Global Market
  • BFG Payment Gateway in The Global Market
  • Business Owners and Members Create an Online Store with Their Merchandise
  • Online Booking Service

  • Booking Flights, Hotels, and Resorts in 200 countries
  • Airport VIP Turnkey Services Including Membership
  • BFG Payment Gateway for Online Booking

When people use BFG Tokens, they pay minimum transaction fees but no additional, third-party fees like ticket service or agent fees. Blocform Global wants consumers to keep more of their money and the artists to focus on their platform rather than worry about yesteryear financial barriers in the music and entertainment industry.

The Blocform ecosystem is on the way to breaking down the old barriers between fans, celebrities and consumers by opening a direct channel of communication and trusted e-commerce transactions in the entertainment and travel industry. More than 150,000 subscribers and 1 million fans have already joined the Blocform universe, and this number continues to rapidly grow in parallel with the increasing of the value of the BFG token on the market.

We’re extremely close to the time when communication with a star is as common as communication with a neighbor or best friend. Plus, our favorite musicians can be fully confident they are protected and compensated at their true worth!