Blockchain-Based Casino ZeroEdge Educates Macau on Bitcoin Gambling

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Blockchain-Based Casino ZeroEdge Educates Macau on Bitcoin Gambling
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With the aim to conquer the entire gambling industry, a disruptive online casino Zero Edge goes further to storm the hills of robust Asian markets.

Recently Zero Edge has been reported to expand its business reach to the UK, opening company’s headquarters and launching the first blockchain-based gambling platform in London. The innovative 0% house edge concept of Zero Edge online casino has conquered one of the biggest gambling markets in Europe and by now it is unlikely to stop.

On the way to success, Zero Edge is set to turn Asian online gambling industry on its head, introducing a revolutionary approach to the casino’s profit-making process, which does not exploit the customer, but instead revolves around the increasing value of digital assets through wider adoption and utility.

Fresh from successful showcase events held in Cyprus, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates, the revolutionary gambling network Zero Edge rolls into China. The first official introduction of Zero Edge to Asian market occurred during the company’s latest event in one of the top hotels in Macau.

The meeting shed a light on the current online casino industry and the ways blockchain and smart contracts could be utilized to make the Asian gambling environment more sociably responsible, sustainable and efficient for both players and gambling providers.

Leading experts in the field of online gambling and cryptocurrency set up an inspirational seminar to encourage the cream of the crop in Asian gambling industry explore an innovative blockchain-based casino concept.

The interactive lecture included learning about the ever-expanding network of blockchain-based online casinos that will be utilising Zerocoin cryptocurrency tokens in order to offer 0% house edge casino games and fee-free sports betting to the masses.

Speaking about project’s long-term goals CEO at ZeroEdge.Bet, Adrian Casey CEO added:

 “We have already received a lot interest and good feedback from the industry professionals. It is only natural that we want our community to grow even bigger and for that reason, we are organising an event to promote our project in Asia and grow our presence there. We also want to educate people about the advantages of the blockchain technology and its possible applications in the gambling industry for making it more efficient and customer-oriented”.

As previously noted, Zero Edge Casino makes a fair gambling its major priority offering players the best odds in the market with all games having a 0% house edge, including sportsbook, poker tables, blackjack, video poker, and slots. This means that, unlike traditional models  where online casinos enjoy an advantage over the players of up to 10%, gamblers at Zero Edge casinos will actually have a truly fair shot at winning.

Having visited Macau, global investors could enjoyed a great opportunity to learn about the unique Zero Edge online casino model in-depth and first hand, while the project’s team had presented its 0% house edge business model to an eager Asian gambling public.

Moreover, the meeting has also enlightened the details regarding pre-ICO that is set to start on February 28 and expected be closed out on March 15, 2018. For an up-coming ICO, Zero Edge will be issuing their own token named Zerocoin, which operates on smart contract technology and enables users’ activity on all Zero Edge Casino’s games including casino games and sportsbook. The platform sets the hard cap at 1,500 ETH with 1 ETH equalling 38,000 ZERO. The main ICO is to be held in April, 2018.

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