5 Reasons Not to Sell Cryptocurrencies in 2018

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5 Reasons Not to Sell Cryptocurrencies in 2018
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The cryptocurrency space is on fire and everyone is looking to get a piece, but sifting through the madness can be a challenge

Crypto sphere is not only technologically progressive – it is extremely popular. And, just like any other frenzy-maker, it attracts lots of people. Every day the stories of the new crypto companies and ICOs are taking over the news. However, the market is tough, fast-changing and unpredictable. All the dayflies want is to lose small, but the top companies come to the crypto world to win big.

HashChain Technology Inc. has just acquired blockchain Software as a Service company NODE40. This Canadian-based crypto-mining company is developing fast: they are actively mining DASH and increase the capacities for Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. HashChain Technology believes that 2018 is to become the year of cryptocurrencies. They have got 5 reasons to prove that while lots of experts expect the bubble to burst, crypto companies can change the world.

1. Cryptocurrencies Can Rise Tremendously… Again

No doubt 2017 became the year of cryptocurrencies. It took a long way from the nerd chat rooms to the top stories of the most respected business magazines. But can Bitcoin hit the jackpot again?

HashChain believes that cryptocurrencies have lot of potential this year. The thing is not about popularity and trends – one can hardly deny the fact that blockchain technology established new standards of security, transparency and availability.

Even though the hype around the crypto currencies seems to go down, that is not going to hurt the market. Bitcoin is no longer a fan issue – the cryptocurrencies slowly get acknowledged by governments which is a big step towards becoming widely used.

HashChain is analyzing the market thoroughly to create a reliable proposal for clients. At the moment the company’s priorities are Dash, Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash – but the list of the cryptocurrencies mined by HashChain is expected to broad.

2. Cryptocurrency Mining is a Gold Mine

The crypto sphere provides initiative people with lots of ways to make a fortune. Nevertheless, mining is the dealing with the roots of the whole market. The returns get amazing reaching the high of 20,000%.

HashChain already operates 100 mining rigs and another 770 ones are in the process of set-up. Canada was not chosen as a base for the company by accident. Combination of low taxes and cold environment create perfect place for cryptocurrency mining.

The plans of HashChain are ambitious: by the end of the first quarter of 2019 the company is expected to operate about 26,500 mining rigs and will be running a Dash masternode. When these plans come true the company is to become one of the world’s top crypto miners.

3. Cryptocurrencies Conquer Wall Street

Business is reacting fast: if there is a chance to increase incomes companies are into it. The popularity of ICOs does not have to be proven. During the first two month of 2018 official ICOs have already raised over $1,166 billion – and that is the result of 48 ICOs.

What is more, traditional companies also significantly benefit from implementing blockchain into their processes, The share price of Kodak tripled after the announcement of KodakCoin. The situation may become even ridiculous: a beverage company Long Island Iced Tea Corp tripled its value overnight – the reason was the rebranding. The new name that boosted the company’s development is “Long Blockchain Corp.”

The diversification of HashChain helps the investors to feel safe: even if one of the popular cryptocurrencies fails, they can minimize the damage thanks to the well-balanced portfolio.

4. Playing by the Rules

Cryptocurrencies are often accused by governments because of tax rules violations. This situation causes serious reaction – even complete ban of crypto market in some countries. It was extremely complicated to set the rules when Bitcoin rapidly hit amazing highs and started a real frenzy – but times change.

HashChain is ready to work not only in the sphere of cryptocurrency mining but providing related services. The recent acquisition of NODE40 which has a strong background in crypto-tax software may help the company in fulfilling all of the customers’ needs. That may change the rules of the game: instead of following the initiatives of government the crypto sphere can provide its own solutions to the tax problem.

However, the software by NODE40 is not only solving the regulation issues but simplifies the whole process of crypto transactions.

5. People Matter

Typically, blockchain companies emphasize the idea and technological background behind the project. But the whole market is based on enthusiasts who support the cryptocurrencies and help them to shine. The crypto society creates trust in the new form of money – and that makes them recognizable.

HashChain did some hard work to bring together outstanding specialists. Patrick Gray, the CEO of HashChain, is a computer genius. However, he managed to master the art of deals. His previous projects attracted lots of attention – and investments. Today he is an influential specialist with strong business and technological backgrounds.

CTO of both HashChain and Node40 Sean Ryan has outstanding technical expertise in the blockchain sphere. He is well-known person in the industry and has the good standing in the community. These people are creating the future of cryptocurrencies.

The crypto boom in 2017 could not go unnoticed – but 2018 is promising for the cryptocurrency. The initial frenzy is over and governments, businesses and all the people are learning to live with the crypto currencies.

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