Introducing Agoraverse: Shopping Metaverse

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Introducing Agoraverse: Shopping Metaverse
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The AGORA token will serve as the major currency of the Agoraverse and its utility will span throughout the evolution of the metaverse.

Ever wondered what it will be like to shop in the metaverse Agoraverse, a blockchain-based Web3.0 startup, is looking at pioneering a metaverse platform that will serve as a frontline metaverse outfit for shopping in the emerging digital world.

Agoraverse is building a virtual environment where different types of real and virtual items can be bought and sold as they would be in a normal real-life mall. The platform plans to add a new level of thrill and unique experiences to the ways people conduct business transactions in the metaverse.

Besides serving as an avenue to purchase items of value, Agoraverse will also serve as an outlet for other leisure activities including gaming, restaurants, bars, and clubs amongst other things.

Diving Deeper into What Agoraverse Has to Offer

Agoraverse will be a place for every online user including businesses to rent ‘Metashops’ with which they can set up their businesses for everyone to visit. The Agora has been designed to make it easy for innovators looking for a new avenue to take their businesses into the metaverse, and Metashops can be customized to meet the unique needs of every individual.

The concept of Metashops makes it possible for shoppers to invite their friends along to share their experiences with them. Since shopping is best enjoyed when done with loved ones, Agoraverse’s Metashops will further help to develop this experience.

In all, with Metashops you can live your shopping experience in 3D and you may also shop with new folks while remaining anonymous and protected. The Agora allows shoppers to try out items they wish to buy through their avatars. This will bring the experiences to near reality, and help shoppers make more informed decisions.

The Agoraverse also has three distinct classes of private properties (accessed by owning an NFT) called “lofts” including Standard, Premium, and Exclusive Lofts respectively. The Premium loft is more luxurious than the standard while the Exclusive loft is very rare and limited in number.

The Economics of the Agoraverse Ecosystem

Anyone can access the Agora shopping Metaverse, as long as they own a computer and internet connection. Holding an access card NFT grants users the opportunity to own a private space where they can build their own experiences.

Users will be able to earn the ecosystem’s native tokens, $AGORA by staking their access cards on Agoraverse’s website. These tokens in turn can be used to fuel a lot of activities including blockchain features such as access card upgrades, participating in new NFT collection launches or even securing discounts on real-life products.

The AGORA token will serve as the major currency of the Agoraverse and its utility will span throughout the evolution of the metaverse. A total of 1,000,000,000 tokens will be available with its initial supply pegged at 460,000,000 with the rest programmed to be distributed within a space of 4 years.

The metaverse will launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with a pre-sale on June 3 to raise funds to further power the development of this initiative, add liquidity to the token through DEX pools, and fulfill its mission of bringing entertaining and colorful shopping experiences to everyone.

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