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Breaking News: Noah Project Unveils its Noah Wallet to the Public

June 25th, 2018 at 9:54 am UTC · 4 min read

It is already available for download on Android, and soon the team will add an application for iOS owners as well. Always putting the crypto community in focus, the project has made Noah Wallet absolutely free for users.

For the team and all Noah’s supporters, the application release is a vivid indicator of the rapid and progressive development of the project, which is now ready to open a new page in its history.

Several months of hard work resulted in a user-friendly and safe crypto Noah Wallet that makes it easy and hassle-free for anyone to manage their Noah Coins on mobile devices and tablets.

The Wallet boasts an intuitive design, understandable for both newcomers in cryptocurrency and tech-savvy users. Moreover, the team has paid a particular attention to security measures ensuring that the crypto assets are stored and transacted safely.

The feature-rich Noah Wallet allows users to create a new wallet almost instantly, store, send and receive Noah Coins and restore the wallet if necessary.

To set up a new wallet, the user doesn’t need a lot of time or skills – the process is seamless and very easy. There is no need to register personal information, thus, it will take just several minutes to create an account. To protect the user’s crypto, Noah Wallet provides a backup function, so that the wallet can be restored in case of unforeseen circumstances.

As far as sending & receiving transactions are concerned, the Noah team has made sure to provide convenient and instant transactions. A user doesn’t necessarily need to deal with copy & pasting of the Wallet address – the sending and receiving of NOAH are made very simple through the use of QR codes.

Moreover, Noah Wallet encompasses a feature which records all the user’s transactions and stores the operations’ history. Thus a NOAH holder can keep track of all his activities and be sure of the security of his account.

The Noah Project team reveals that:

“The release of Noah Wallet is a huge milestone in the company development. It will serve as the base for the whole Noah ecosystem. Everyone can get Noah Wallet absolutely for free and enjoy a new exciting experience – send Noah Coins anywhere, receive them from anywhere and use the wallet within the wide range of existing partners of the project.”

Taking into account the recent partnership with PayRemit, opportunities for the wallet owners are truly borderless.

The users can get access to all the shop partners of this large payment gateway, including major Philippine online retailers Sendah, Goldilocks, BeamAndGo and Sarisari. Even more, with Noah Coins and Noah Wallet it’s possible to get flight tickets of the Philippines’ leading airline – Cebu Pacific Air, pay for telecommunications services (PLDT, Globe) and electricity bills (Meralco).

Seeing all the innovative features and benefits of Noah Wallet, there is no wonder that the news of its launch has already received a very positive response from the large Noah Community. Focusing on bringing blockchain technologies closer to people, the Noah Project continues to deliver value to millions of Filipinos and other nations worldwide, offering new and exciting ways to send and receive use cryptocurrencies in daily lives.

Noah Wallet is available for free download on Google Play. Don’t hesitate to get it now!

Want to learn more or get in touch? Visit the Noah Project website and join the growing communities on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter.

About the Noah Project

The Noah Project works on providing the crypto holders with an opportunity to join the crypto ecosystem with perfect infrastructure for using cryptocurrency as well as trading. The project aims to gather crypto fans and users (customers, businesspersons, and traders) in one very specific and intuitive ecosystem that can smoothly integrate all the existing features under the same structure.

The company focuses on implementing several blockchain-powered products, including the web-based application for remittance transfers, use of Noah Coin in Noah City in Horizon Manila (the Philippines) and the Noah Resort on the beaches of Zamboanga del Norte. In both the City and the resort people would be able get various privileges and discounts.