Will Enable Users Grow Cannabis Using Internet of Things Technology

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read Will Enable Users Grow Cannabis Using Internet of Things Technology
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The US-based startup has launched a new platform that will let consumers easily grow plants, such as marijuana, via the new IoT-based hydroponic system. has introduced the globe’s first smart system for growing different types of plants, following  three years of development.’s founder, Doug Slemmer, started planting cannabis to help his wife relieve nausea caused by cancer treatments. But he was unsatisfied with existing solutions and decided to create a more convenient way of growing marijuana. will allow users, including new ones, to grow cannabis using a controlled automated hydroponic platform. The system combines software, hardware and cloud-based services that will let consumers to monitor the process of growth.

“While both attitudes and laws around marijuana are changing rapidly, most people still view growing their own as a difficult and time-consuming process,” said Doug Slemmer, the founder of “We’re going to change this. Our smart, fully integrated hydroponic system minimizes the time, complexity and knowledge required to grow just about anything.”

The system integrates a powerful computer with valves, pumps and sensors letting users easily control growing conditions. The Hub shows such information, as leaks, nutrients, pH levels, flow and temperature.

The company has also built a mobile app for iOS devices that will send email alerts and messages to let growers always stay connected to their plants. Besides, it will let users adjust certain conditions, like water levels or light.

The Over-The-Air (OTA) Update Service, that is completely free, will ensure the platform stays updated when the new software is released. includes 20 gallon buckets and three or five 60W LED bulbs, what is enough to simultaneously grow up to six plants.

The platform is based on the Linux platform and is powered with a 1-GHz ARM microprocessor, which is more powerful than the Apollo spacecraft’s navigational system.

“Our intention with is to help people become better home growers, foster collaboration, and deliver the best value to our customers,” the company wrote in a blog post.

“By offering growers an integrated growing platform with built-in data collection, we have the potential to disrupt growing in ways never imagined. Think about this. Every system is a complete mini labratory, waiting for you to conduct small-scale tests or connect with the rest of the growing borg and participate in massive, crowd-powered experiments.”

The is now available for pre-sale on the company’s website. The Hub will cost $1000, while the remaining setup will range from $700 to $1775. The price will depend on the amount and size of buckets as well as the type of lightning.

In case you already have some parts of the system, you can purchase it by piecemeal. plans to start shipping this August. Meantime, a UK version of the system is now under development.

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