Celebrities and Influencers EmBARK on the Crypto World Which Is Good News for Top Dog Dogetti

April 5th, 2023 at 8:37 am UTC · 3 min read

Sports personalities, models, movie stars and musical artists are all getting their piece of the pie in the crypto world. As more celebrities are endorsing cryptocurrency, what could this mean for Dogetti (DETI) and other altcoins?

Celebrities and Influencers EmBARK on the Crypto World Which Is Good News for Top Dog Dogetti

Has Crypto Gone Mainstream?

The short answer is yes. There has been a significant increase in celebrities and influencers using their platforms to highlight particular cryptocurrencies and create deals with particular platforms. It is safe to say that crypto has come a long way since Bitcoin (BTC) emerged in 2009 when the crypto world was merely a foreign concept that people didn’t understand. Today, however, everyone is indulging in the world of decentralized finance, and NFTs and embarking on adventures into the metaverse.

Everyone wants to have true ownership of their assets which is why a lot of popular figures are getting into the NFT business. Multimillionaire and boxer Floyd Mayweather released his very own NFT collection in March of 2022. The collection consisted of 5,000 unique NFTs and he promoted it on his Twitter account. Another celebrity embracing the NFT lifestyle was Cristiano Ronaldo who teamed up with Binance in 2022 for his very own NFT collection. Popular cryptocurrencies using celebrities for advertisement is a great move for the crypto world overall. More exposure means more buyers therefore the currency will increase in value.

Celebrities and Influencers EmBARK on the Crypto World Which Is Good News for Top Dog Dogetti

Celebrity involvement in the crypto world has even gone as far as popular figures like Jake Paul and Lindsay Lohan being charged by the SEC. The Securities and Exchange Commission charged these stars, and others, with illegally promoting cryptocurrencies and not disclosing that they had been compensated for their advertisement. If anything this shows how enthusiastic celebrities are to promote the crypto world, and therefore should encourage more people to get involved.

What Can Celebrity Influence Do for Dogetti?

Dogetti is a brand new crypto meme coin that is still in its presale stage on the crypto market. The aim that the Dogetti Family have is to provide all extended family members with various ways of generating wealth in their pockets as well as the Dogetti ecosystem. As well as NFTs, another way in which investors can receive extra $DETI is by two per cent of every transaction being redistributed back into the accounts of the holders.

Dogetti could be greatly impacted by the surge of celebrities hopping on the crypto bandwagon because it is a fun and quirky meme coin that can be easily incorporated into advertisements. The Dogetti Family’s entire theme is the mafia or mafioso style, with Don Eloni Dogetti as the head of the family, it is clear that Dogetti gets its influence from popular mafia-themed films like ‘The Godfather’. An idea would be to take a mafia film that is coming out soon and take the lead actor of that film and have them endorse Dogetti. Mafia Mamma, a film starring Toni Collette, a popular long-time award-winning actress could easily endorse the Dogetti brand.

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