Cheeky Kyser to Launch Handcrafted Movies-Based NFT Collection on February 28

Place/Date: - February 28th, 2022 at 8:05 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: Cheeky Kyser

Cheeky Kyser to Launch Handcrafted Movies-Based NFT Collection on February 28

A unique collection of handcrafted NFTs that provides a fresh spin on famous films of the last century will be released on February 28. Collectors will be able to buy their NFT directly on OpenSea starting at 2 PM UTC by connecting their wallets to the website.

Each NFT in the collection captures some of the greatest movie characters and scenes from 52 most iconic films in the world of cinema. These characters come from a broad genre of film and at any time period. They are suggestive but almost figurative – minimalist, magical, and super rare.

NFT marketplaces are flooded with randomly generated digital art created at no cost purely to make money. This goes against the concept of art, which is to create truly unique and high-quality art pieces that offer value to collectors.

Cheeky Kyser NFT Editions

Cheeky Kyser brings art in its purest, simplest form to the marketplace. The collection consists of 468 uniquely handmade artwork available in three editions: Original, Silver, and Gold. Each version has its own design theme, scarcity factor, and a range of artistic rarity traits. This ensures each Cheeky Kyser is unique for you and that no other holder can own the same one.

The Original edition has 5 numbered copies of each card, the Silver edition has 3 copies, and the Gold edition only contains 52 cards with no copies in existence. Purchasers of Gold edition collectibles will have an opportunity to own extremely rare Cheeky Kyser NFTs at a great value.

The Uniqueness of Minimalist Art

CryptoKyser, a talented French artist and passionate advocate of non-fungible tokens, intricately drew the Cheeky Kysers by hand, choosing to bridge realism and imagination through minimalist art. The aim is to highlight the benefits of minimalist art to collectors where the artist only hints at an idea or meaning and allows the audience to interpret the art in their own way.

Strong Community Support

Users in the Cheeky Kyser community have noted the project’s incredible growth and how it disrupts the somewhat confusing popularity of automatically generated NFT collections on both Ethereum and Solana. In a recent AMA session, CryptoKyser talked about community boost since its launch and the surge of interest in owning a Cheeky Kyser based on the unique genre.

Aside from the minting, Cheeky Kyser is also running the Cheeky Kyser Challenge, which gives community members a chance to win up to 15,000 BUSD, depending on the card one holds. In addition, Cheeky Kyser will create an ecosystem for staking NFTs to earn rewards and incorporating a game so that holders can play with their cards in the Metaverse.

Cheeky Kyser NFTs will be available to the community for the first time on February 28 on OpenSea at 2 PM UTC. The public sale is the only way to get your hands on the first edition of Cheeky Kyser NFTs at their original prices. In the meantime, you can explore the collection and select your favorite NFTs by visiting the artist’s website.

Collectors can visit their website or Discord community for more information and updates. Follow them on Twitter, join their Discord or see the Cheeky Kyser collection.