CoinLion Offers Token Pre-Sale

December 2nd, 2017 at 10:21 pm UTC · 3 min read

CoinLion , a new cryptocurrency exchange and portfolio management platform designed to address the fragmented marketplace and the needs of the modern day cryptocurrency trader, has announced they will be offering a pre-sale of their LION token beginning today, November 30th, 2017. The token price during the pre-sale will be 1 ETH = 3,500 LION.

Only 25 million LION will be available for purchase during the pre-sale, with the sale concluding when the inventory is sold out. The price of LION is set to increase on a weekly basis during the company’s official Token Sale from December 18th, 2017 – February 25, 2018. For more information, please review CoinLion’s Token Sale Guide.

“Currently, managing and trading digital currency is messy and inefficient. That’s why we built CoinLion, to support controlled disciplined investment processes and meet the demands of traders in the expanding digital currency marketplace,” said Joshua DeWitt, CEO and Co-Founder at CoinLion. “Right now, exchanges do not provide users with the tools, research, and education they need to make smart decisions when it comes to managing these assets. We look forward to supporting digital currency traders and managers, and giving them powerful toolsets to manage digital currency confidently.”

After the successful completion of the Token Sale and the launch of the CoinLion Platform, LION will be available to trade on the platform as well as be utilized for the purposes outlined in their whitepaper. CoinLion will not limit the uses of LION. Their team will be working with other popular exchanges and will be keeping participants informed around when and which exchanges will be accepting LION.

CoinLion is the industry solution for managing the complex jungle of trading digital assets. They believe trading digital currency should be a rewarding process. CoinLion empowers investors of digital currencies to exchange and trade under one portfolio management platform while providing market research and analytics to enable the execution of smart, controlled, and disciplined trading strategies.

CoinLion users can earn LION in the form of community incentives, as well as sharing portfolios, research, and strategies with users. In a rapidly expanding market with no simple solution, CoinLion users will enjoy access to a dedicated customer service team devoted to answering your questions and keeping up with evolving regulatory and compliant standards.

Worldwide, there are currently only 180 recognized paper currencies, but a staggering 1,500+ digital currencies have emerged…and a new one is added nearly every day. All told, there are more than $180 billion dollars’ worth of digital assets spread across hundreds of digital wallets tied to unconnected, non-secure exchanges and platforms. This fragmented management and trading environment is in sharp contrast to that of the modern financial world, and often presents a barrier for entry for a large percentage of the population.

About CoinLion

CoinLion is dedicated to bringing leadership, stability, and simplicity to digital asset investing through a single, trusted interface. Through our compliant, user-friendly portfolio management platform, CoinLion enables users to purchase and trade with confidence. CoinLion users join a community of cryptocurrency experts, which empowers and incentivizes its members to create and share portfolios, offer trade strategies, and share research they need to make highly informed decisions.

This ensures the sustained health and strength of the community and platform as it continues to grow. A native token, LION, can be earned and spent within the platform, based on member contributions and needs within the community. LION will be used as the currency that rewards and incentivizes member contributions to the community and serves the payment to access these valuable assets.


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