Revain (R)

Revain is a feedback platform, mostly based on the blockchain technology that doesnt allow to change or delete reviews and its authors get a reward for creating it. The service is developed in close collaboration with hi-tech IBM AI systems.- Stable tokenRVN token, inner platform currency.- Review's immutabilityDue to blockchain technology and Ethereum platform especially, all the reviews can't be deleted or changed.- RewardsUsers get a reward in the tokens for every review. The only requirement - the review should pass filtration stage.- Automatic filtrationMachine learning and neural networks for detecting all types of unwarranted texts: spam, flood, abuse, etc.- Unbiased systemDAO and smart-contracts will prevent any kinds of fake reviews.- Transparency- Feedback from consumers of user's productImprove your product and business processes. ICO start date: 2017-08-21.
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Market Capitalization $43 418 303
24 Hours Volume $2 053 849
Available Supply 284 450 000 R
Max Supply 484 450 000 R
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Change (24 Hours) 16.26%
Change (7 Days) 4.62%
Revain News
Revain Introduces Version 0.7 of the Dashboard: Projects Can Now Engage with Reviewers
May 7th, 2018

Revain is announcing next step in the development of its blockchain-based review platform.

Revain Announces Dashboard’s Next Major Version 0.6 as the Platform Hits 1000 Reviews
March 28th, 2018

Revain is launching version 0.6 of its platform, for the first time introducing an important new section of the Dashboard – Exchanges.

Revain to Giveaway Lamborghini Huracan in the Competition Starting February 12, 2018
February 13th, 2018

Revain is thrilled to announce unique competition in partnership with KuCoin exchange where Lamborghini Huracan Coupe will be presented as the main prize.

Revain Releases Version 0.4 of Its Flagship Dashboard Service
January 29th, 2018

The first release of the 2018 is here. Today Revain is announcing next step in the development of its blockchain-based review platform.

Revain Announces Release of Version0.2 of the Platform
December 11th, 2017

Revain announced today the release of version0.2 of the platform in less than a month after the release of its first test version on November 15th, 2017.

Revain Announces Release of the First Test Version of the Platform
November 15th, 2017

Revain is proud to announce the release of the first test version of the platform designed for accumulating authentic user reviews on projects and startups that have concluded their crowdfunding / ICO stage.

November 1st, 2017

The new blockchain-owered reviews system aims to solve the problem of false recommendations, providing value for both consumers and businesses.

October 6th, 2017

The blockchain technology is expected to transform the current consumer reviews industry, ensuring authenticity and credibility of online ratings.

Revain’s Token Sale Successfully Ended with 2108 BTC Accumulated
September 28th, 2017

REVAIN is excited to announce the conclusion of crowdsale that ended as scheduled on September 6, at 12 P.M. NY with 2108 BTC accumulated.