All Crypto-friendly Venues Are Finally Mapped in One App – CryptoFind

February 2nd, 2018 at 12:36 pm UTC · 2 min read

For the very first time, all businesses that accept crypto will be recorded within one global map. While CryptoFind is made by GRAFT Blockchain, it’s not exclusive to GRAFT-enabled locations. It maps venues that accept any cryptocurrency via different methods (Mobile PoS, Wallet to Wallet, Partner Credit Card Terminals).

CryptoFind is mutually beneficial for users and merchants. Users earn rewards by persuading businesses to accept cryptocurrencies and enlist in the  app, while merchants expand their client base by serving crypto-savvy buyers. Moreover, both contribute toward cryptocurrency entering the mainstream.

Benefits for Crypto Owners

  • Instant transaction. Pay with crypto on the go.
  • No fees to the buyers. Even for small purchases.
  • Crypto variety. Use your favorite cryptocurrency.

Benefits for Merchants

  • Service new loyal clients. Crypto-savvy buyers prefer crypto-friendly venues.
  • Accept major cryptocurrencies. Deal with proven crypto.
  • Additional PR. Your location is added to the app’s map.

GRAFT Blockchain team comments: “The launch of the CryptoFind App is a decisive step towards stability in the cryptomarket. Merchant support is key, as credit/debit card transactions now dwarf the number of crypto transactions.”

CryptoFind is available on the App Store

GRAFT has its own blockchain, live mainnet, and active professional community support. Our ICO started on Jan 18 and is currently ongoing. We’ve already sold over 14 mln GRFT and engaged more than 2K of crypto owners.


Valerie Shcherbina

[email protected]