DASHUB Selects Clears for KYC and AML Compliance

Place/Date: New York - May 2nd, 2018 at 12:36 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Michael Ghannoum, Source: Clears

Clears, a revolutionary data-less Know Your Customer [KYC] service, powered by the Ethereum blockchain, and DASHUB (an online automotive marketplace operating www.dashub.com), inked a commercial agreement for the implementation of Clears Solution to verify compliance regulation of DASHUB users.

Clears will be the exclusive provider of KYC and AML verification for investors and users on DASHUB’s token sale for AXT and their planned  future platform called the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP).. Clears system assures compliance while protecting users personal data. Data given to Clears is encrypted, hashed and cold stored. Clears maintains an unparalleled integrity and security for its users and mitigates its partners liability in the case of audits.

“Compliance is a top priority at DASHUB. The automotive sales industry is a constant victim of fraud, and requires unique conditions to secure its marketing funnel. Partnering with Clears was an obvious choice for both user protection and their unique blockchain approach.” said Max Kane President and CEO of DASHUB.

KYC—or Know Your Customer—is a critical process for all financial companies dealing with international investors, shareholders and customers. Clears is a technology based on the Ethereum blockchain offering a scalable and personalized KYC process. It aims to expedite the acquisition and delivery of required information to companies and regulators around the world, simultaneously improving the user experience by increasing security of sensitive personal data while lowering the cost.

“Clears has invested extensive resources, infrastructure, time and training to build out

in-depth blockchain solutions for businesses looking to speed their onboarding without compromising on compliance. This partnership is the quintessence of our mission” said Clears CEO Florian Seroussi.

This unique collaboration demonstrates perfectly the integration of blockchain technology in the mainstream market space, as a solution to cumbersome, costly and outdated models of operational or regulatory barriers.

About Clears

Clears is a fully customizable, data-less KYC solution, that guarantees a business’s compliance with local and international regulations. Clears eliminates the most prominent points of user anxiety; hacks, identity theft, fraud. In the case of audit by regulators, Clears can provide the original documentation by extracting the documents from the cold storage server. Users can use their Clears credentials on all KYC’s using Clears, giving them a private, secure and convenient experience online.



DASHUB Inc. is an online automotive marketplace offering services such as online vehicle sales, on-site inspection services, logistics, financing, and vehicle service contracts (i.e., warranties). Consumers who wish to browse their inventory of over 150,000 vehicles (both salvage and clean title, up to 80% off retail in some cases) can register on DASHUB.

DASHUB’s current blockchain-based project, the Automotive eXchange Platform, and its supporting token sale (i.e., the AXT token), aims to innovate and disrupt the online car-buying process on a global scale. Learn more at our project website.