Decentralized Gaming Platform SP8DE Targeting the Real Issues within App Development

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Decentralized Gaming Platform SP8DE Targeting the Real Issues within App Development
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SP8DE is to revolutionize the gaming industry by implementing its totally unbiased decentralized gaming app platform.

The contemporary gaming industry is plagued with inefficiencies and lacks in design, which proves that no centralized technology can bring it to the awaited level.

Licenses and frequent audits also cannot provide the necessary assurance, while being an orchestrated nightmare on an industrial scale. Authorities are currently pushing forward the heavy regulatory bodies, abusing people’s trust for their own benefit.

When it comes to big favor betting, nobody can be fully trusted. As we know well, a royal flush can turn the poor into a king, but who really shuffles the deck in this online setting?

Anyone familiar with the properties of blockchains may find them likely to solve the problems of trust within the online casino space. But, in fact, introducing blockchain can create a wide range of new issues.

Firstly, blockchain is deterministic. Within the blockchain technology, block is the one to shuffle the deck. Scalability and game design issues comprise yet another set of problems blockchain-based casinos have to overcome.

That is why the answer is both yes and no, when it comes to solving the problem with a completely transparent platform, providing smart-contracts based on solutions for assuring payouts.

SP8DE, a decentralized gaming app platform, is staking its claim in the blockchain space and aims to change the way we think about games involving chance. The company has found the solution in implementing a code, which is designed to be unbiased and not subjected to human emotions such as greed. So, SP8DE’s decentralized gaming platform has been built to be completely transparent, leaving it unable to be manipulated or abused by third parties within the decentralized setting.

SP8DE’s decentralized platform is aimed to provide the solution for many of the issues that are already circling above the on-chain gaming space. While SP8DE is built on top of Cardano, a P-O-S blockchain protocol, SP8DE is entirely decentralized in every aspect of its design.

Furthermore, SP8DE is a platform for everyone. Crypto enthusiasts will have an opportunity to release Dapps on the platform, broadcasted through the on-chain market. This will incentivize developers to create Dapps with a reward they will gain in proportion to the popularity of their games.

In SP8DE, the crowd is the only judge and the code is the only law. In essence, the entire SP8DE’s ecosystem will embody the ideals of the frictionless markets in fair and transparent way.

Whether SP8DE will manage to create a new era of a quality standard or not, the world will see in near future.

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