Defrost Finance Launches the First Native Stablecoin at Avalanche 

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Defrost Finance Launches the First Native Stablecoin at Avalanche 
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Defrost Finance is the platform behind the next generation stablecoin and provides remunerative investment opportunities. A fully fair launch, decentralized project, its aim is to change the world of finance for good.

Defrost Finance is an advanced platform powering a new stablecoin called H2O on Avalanche. The project was inspired by the significant potential that Avalanche has displayed, positioning itself as one of the fastest-growing blockchains.

It’s important to notice, however, that in the near future, Defrost Finance’s protocols may support liquidity provisions (LPs) from other chains as well.


The Defrost Finance project is in all sense historical as it provides the first native stable coin on one of the fastest blockchains the world has ever seen. H2O fills a clear market space and bears significant opportunities for all users.

The project’s hallmark is fairness and equality for the entire community of users, evidenced by the fact that there are no extra privileges awarded to large investors. In other words, Defrost has chosen to be a fair launch, putting the community first.

As part of the platform’s fair and equitable approach, there has been no initial coin offering, presale of tokens, or anything to that effect. This evens the playing field for all users of the Defrost community and reduces chances of future issues or risks due to regulators.

When you use your crypto assets on decentralized exchanges to mint H2O, you get MELT as a reward. The circulating H2O is drawn from vaults in Defrost smart contracts and the stablecoin itself is used in the same way as any other cryptocurrency.

Launching between November 22-23, Defrost Finance widens the pools that can be used as collateral by developing avenues that can be staked on decentralized exchanges and also reserve the possibility for integrations with other chains.

Initial Stakeholders

The entire community of users, small and large investors alike, benefit from Defrost Finance’s provision that they earn rewards through their LP assets. At the same time, the platform ensures that users have a new tool for investing and diversifying their portfolios.

Defrost Finance protocols allow for the possibility of getting LPs from other chains. In this regard, there is always the likelihood to expand beyond the Avalanche network.

As part of their current liquidity provisions, Trader Joe and Benqi will be the first whose users will be able to stake, with Pangolin following suit. More partnerships and therefore stakers are expected to enlist in the near future.

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