Elephant Marketing’s Thoughts on the Potential of Token Generation Events

May 16th, 2018 at 8:25 pm UTC · 4 min read

Last year business’s began incorporating this tool to collect initial investments. With little research on the scope of its capabilities, TGE was simply considered to be a possible stage for any kind of business.

In different industries crowdfunding campaigns appeared, frequently resulting in abandoned projects. Investors, inspired by the growth of most popular coins, bought altcoins as well. Predictably this resulted in huge disappointment for inexperienced investors.

Today the role of TGE is clearer. From an optional step, it has turned to the milestone that defines businesses. This new form of investment affects the very core of organizations and has led to the construction of new ecosystems.

This new business model attracts individual private investors. They invest their money in an industry that involves higher potential risk but also higher potential returns than banks. Without performing thorough market research and lacking professional investment tools, they make their decisions based on trust.

This type of financing is available even to small business or startups, allowing them to raise funds. While bank loans result in immediate regular payments, after an TGE collects money for long-term development of a company, investors receive income from speculation on its value.

With minimum requirements for short-term gain, the model makes it possible to support new kinds of projects. A successful project has to show value for society and build trust. The story a project conveys to the market eventually determines investor’s interests.

Market Evolution

Early birds swarmed around TGEs in 2017 and found just a few worms. Disappointed businesses and investors who expected fast results backed off the market. The next stage of TGE development has been more mature.


TGEs are an instrument to make a difference. They open possibilities for big, complicated and long-term projects. Existing big project with social missions, such as Tesla or Telegram, have use this instrument to expand.


Hype and fame is not a promise of results. Often after successful crowdfunding campaigns, projects were abandoned by dishonest or inefficient teams. To evaluate the reliability and competence of companies the industry needs specific institutions.

Professional investors need more than just an enthusiastic community. There has to be trust based on recognized institutions, businesses and government. The first of these types of organizations have already appeared. Their goals include the development of new recommendations and standards, as they present this vision of market to regulators.


Governments and businesses have understood that TGE is more than just a temporary trend. It has changed the nature of business and led to new business models. Leading countries are keeping up with the industry development and plan to regulate it.

There is still a cautious and even hostile attitude to the market, though many countries are working to develop a friendly environment for cryptocurrencies.

As an TGE oriented company, Elephant Marketing follows market trends and developments. Elephant Marketing  maintain relationships with established organizations and contribute to the open market environment.

Which Businesses can run Successful TGE?

Both startups and established companies have to reach very high standards to run a successful TGE.

Professional and Trusted Team

The team has to know the industry and the specific nature of business models involving TGE. Experts from Elephant Marketing contribute to client teams with our experience in TGE including its marketing, tech, and legal aspects.

Transparent Model

TGE-based projects have to be even more open than public companies. These businesses have to establish relationships with institutions, to show regulation compliance and to have a transparent business model. Elephant Marketing helps clients implement and demonstrate the attributes of an open and reliable business.

Engaging Story

All projects have to tell a meaningful story. Most investors would like to take part in a business that makes a difference or brings about change.

Most of Elephant Marketing’s clients strive to bring about tangible social impact. They aim to provide opportunities for talent, develop useful innovations and focus on environmental problems. The goal of our company is to tell our client’s individual story to their desired audience.

TGE is not a stage that must be implemented at the same time for all business. Some meaningful projects may start launch an TGE as the initial stage, while others have to elaborate their business model, launch a prototype or even became an established and sustainable company.

Elephant Marketing  help our clients utilize this instrument in their organization and gain maximum impact from it.

Elephant Marketing understand our role in client businesses as more than just consulting, marketing, or providing technical expertise. While our clients do not compete with each other, the experience gained from their projects is scalable. Our mission is to carry this experience to the market, develop individual client businesses and the industry as a whole.


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Disclaimer: Elephant Marketing is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.