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New Trend in Affiliate Industry: What’s the Secret of Esperio Affiliate Program, and Is It So Attractive?

UTC by Andy Watson · 4 min read
New Trend in Affiliate Industry: What’s the Secret of Esperio Affiliate Program, and Is It So Attractive?
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Developing a personal strategy for promoting your product by Esperio specialists is one of the options for the broker’s affiliate program.

Recently, a steady trend has appeared in the arbitration market: simple partnership options no longer look so attractive, and the flexibility and functionality of affiliate services in cooperation with a company have come to the fore. And, of course, we must remember their commercial attractiveness. After all, the arbitration market is still highly competitive.

Attracting individual traders or investors is gradually becoming a thing of the past because traffic arbitrage is being rebuilt for a new target audience known as service sellers – training courses, trading robots, and even simple copy trading. The industry is rebuilding to reach a wider audience. We must pay tribute to the Esperio broker because this company has caught this trend.

The new affiliate program from Esperio is a flexible multi-level network that allows program participants to adjust the profitability parameters independently. What does it mean?

Firstly, the partner receives profit not only from the clients they bring to the program (standard scheme), but they also get additional commissions from the activities of the partners attracted (multi-level). The partner draws a referral and makes a profit from their trading activity. If the referral attracts other partners and traders to the company, they can generate passive income.

Secondly, the partner can either set up the number of network levels on their own or get one of the ready-made solutions from the broker. The more extensive the network, the more critical the subsequent layers are.

Thirdly, you can independently distribute the company’s income among network members for each level as part of your strategy. All these options make it possible to form a kind of independent ecosystem that can bring active and impressive passive income to participants as their network develops.

Why Is Cooperation Beneficial for Both the Broker and the Partner?

The service’s target audience is industry professionals, like developers of trading robots, sellers of trading signals, trading schools, various specialized Internet sites, etc. This is how the broker positions their new product, offering desirable trading conditions.

New Trend in Affiliate Industry: What's the Secret of Esperio Affiliate Program, and Is It So Attractive?

Of course, partners play a significant role in promoting the company on the market – the more customers they bring, the more income they get. But such cooperation can be equally beneficial for partners.

For example, developers of trading robots need to demonstrate to traders how their programs work. But an automatic trading advisor can show its results only in actual market conditions. Dealing services of a broker and sellers of trading signals are no less in need. This business has also grown in recent years. And Esperio can offer some of the best trading conditions on the market, like low spread rates and high speed of execution of trading orders.

All these options are of great importance and impact trading results. We can also note the investment direction of Esperio, which is now actively developing in the company. Retail and algorithmic trade is increasingly turning towards the stock market. Esperio has a whole investment subsystem in which both standard and innovative solutions look attractive to traders.

Partners and Developers of Market Products Do Not Engage in Marketing

You can talk for a long time about the prospects for cooperation according to the «broker-partner» formula. Still, the main advantage of the Esperio affiliate service is the shift in emphasis toward a partner.

What are relationships built on in a traditional affiliate program? You promote the broker’s products, attract referrals and receive income from them. There is nothing wrong with this system, and it has worked for years. But Esperio offers a fundamentally different approach because you are promoting your product! A broker with capabilities and access to international financial markets is just a tool for you. And Esperio has tried to make this tool as effective as possible.

Do you create trading robots? Are you a successful trader? Excellent! The company is ready to provide you with high-quality dealing services and a platform with trading conditions at the level of world standards with fast execution of orders and low commissions. Do you need to figure out how to promote your developments in the best way? The broker is ready to help. Developing a personal strategy for promoting your product by Esperio specialists is one of the options for the broker’s affiliate program. You also will get a personal consultant manager. In a word, you are building your own business using the capabilities of a brokerage company.

Of course, the broker’s interests are also evident here because this is a mutually beneficial cooperation. Esperio provides dealing services and gets new clients. The partner offers a convenient trading environment to its audience and makes a profit. Esperio’s innovative partner service aligns with the direction the industry is moving in today.

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