Everex, ConsenSys and More Unite For Social Impact

August 10th, 2017 at 5:46 am UTC · 3 min read

By joining the BSIC coalition, Everex will gain access to technical humanitarian and business mentors who will plan, develop and expand their projects. Our team will play a role in the ideation of various Proof-of-Concepts, lending more scope and depth to our vision for Cryptocash and the remainder of our product suite.

“An important aspect of our vision here at Everex is making a difference for the better in people’s everyday lives,” said Everex CEO, Alexi Lane. “That’s why we’ve joined the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC): to join a growing coalition of blockchain products and solutions designed to address social and environmental challenges.” BSIC bases its focus on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Everex will take part in the organization’s forthcoming virtual hackathon. BSIC members will collaborate in-person at localized events for participating teams. We will then take part in a conference after the hackathon where Everex will pitch our proof-of-concepts to a diverse array of new partners we have gained by joining the initiative.

We are in total support of BSIC’s model to impact economic and social paradigms through blockchain. We are proud to be working with such talented individuals to improve the economic, political and social circumstances of individuals and communities worldwide.

“Diverse designers, developers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders all in one room designing transformational technologies, and addressing complex challenges,” said Lane. “This is exactly the sort of high stakes and high talent environment Everex thrives in.”

BSIC focuses on financial inclusion, supply chain, identity and vulnerable peoples and energy environment. Everex’s entire business model promotes financial inclusion. BSIC, an initiative of Brooklyn-based venture production studio ConsenSys, includes established brands like ABN-AMRO, Alice, Alpha Source, Disberse, EDU, Future of Property Rights, Slave Free Trade and Solve.

BSIC, which exclusively promotes Ethereum blockchain solutions and applications, pursues consulting, research, hackathons, meet-ups, annual conferences and speaking opportunities. ALICE, MIT Solve, EduDAO, slavefreetrade, World Wildlife Fund, and more than 16 others are also taking part in the initiatives.

While Everex seeks to financially include two billion unserved individuals, ConsenSys laments how more than one billion people do not have a recognized identity. Everex is using blockchain technology to include the financially disincluded. BSIC’s companies use it, as well, for identity, governance and interaction.

“The groups taking part in BSIC are a diverse set that actually complement each other quite nicely,” said Lane. “We will undoubtedly see a full spectrum transformation of the way things are, and in large part thanks to the companies taking part in this initiative.”

About Everex.io:

Everex is an Ethereum-based blockchain developer of numerous products, including Cryptocash, the Everex Wallet, Chainy and more. Cryptocash represents national currencies digitized with the help of blockchain technology.

The Everex team, with decades of experience in development and finance, has developed on and tested various blockchain platforms towards its financial inclusion solutions, including bitcoin. Everex has been recognized by Bangkok Bank, the Remittance Technology Awards and has received contributions from recognized blockchain players, including BnkToTheFuture.

About Blockchain For Social Impact Coalition (BSIC):

Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC) incubates, develops, and implements confederated and customized blockchain products and solutions that can address social and environmental challenges across the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.