Exclusively by Roger Ver: Bitcoin Cash Will Outperform BTC

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Exclusively by Roger Ver: Bitcoin Cash Will Outperform BTC

Roger Ver said ecxlusively in an interview for Coinspeaker, that in few years Bitcoin Cash will outperform Bitcoin because it will enable entire world to use as money in a way that can’t be censored, stopped or controlled.

The largest cryptocurrency by market cap Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency ever created by Satoshi Nakamoto. While Bitcoin experienced a pretty rapid adoption after its creation, Bitcoin.com Founder and famous Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver says its adoption has thwarted by its limited block size.

As it’s already known, Ver is an outspoken advocate for personal freedoms and Bitcoin Cash, and has spent the last eight years investing in cryptocurrency-related ventures and articulating a vision for a future in which people will enjoy a kind of economic freedom that wasn’t possible before the advent of crypto. During the last Blockchain Live Asia, I had the honor to talk with this visionaire and had him exclusively explain some things to our readers.

In order to explain blockchain and cryptocurrencies to wider masses Roger claims that instead of just reading and talking and watching about it, people should actually try to use it, open a wallet.

“They’ve never seen some bitcoin cash, they’ve never received some tokens, try It out, using it is the best way to understand it. If you just read a book about email all day all they and how email works – you wouldn’t have such a good understanding of how to send and receive email. The same thing is with cryptocurrency. So go on, get a wallet, send and receive money through purse.io, and you’ll see it isn’t so hard and complicated after all.”

He is confident that it’s easy to convince all people to start using Bitcoin Cash.

“Take your phones, install Bitcoin.com wallet and then with your Purse.io you can have 25 % on every single purchase from Amazon by using Bitcoin cash. That’s the real strong financial boost for people to start using Bitcoin cash.”

Talking about the time when Bitcoin was almost 20k back in 2017, nowadays analysts say it was a bubble that burst. Ver says people will always call everything a bubble.

“But the thing is that – if things are useful for people, they are gonna use it. Crypotcurrencies are useful so people will use it. And the thing is, cryptos don’t have limited supplies so the more people using it, the more the price is gonna go up over time.”

The truth is, and Ver agrees on it, that the BTC version of Bitcoin stopped working at the end of 2017 – it was over 50 dollars in transaction fees for an average transaction — and he found himself running a business in the space, was paying thousands of dollars in fees per one single transaction over and over and over again.

“Bitcoin Cash Will Outperform Bitcoin in Few Years”

He said:

“I am not so optimistic about BTC anymore. BTC had big network effect but its usefulness isn’t very good. The value or the use of bitcoin went out of trend as the scalability issue arose. The transaction fees on the Bitcoin network became so high that it became impractical to use today.

With Bitcoin Cash, we are looking to create a currency of the future. It is fast, secure, and cost-negligible when compared to BTC. I would rather ask people to use it for themselves to decide. I’d always rather go for cryptocurrency that has cheap and reliable transaction.

I am a big fan of bitcoin cash and we’re busy trying to build permissionless peer-to-peer cash for the entire world to be able to use as money in a way that can’t be censored or stopped or controlled in fast, cheap, reliable, private ways. It also has a wholesome power of Bitcoin.com behind it and it’s building the tools that makes it even easier for people to use around the world.”

Asked about his premonitions about BCH he said:

“I think that BCH will outperform BTC in the coming years due to its superior user experience with faster, cheaper, more reliable transactions.”

He may be right because Bitcoin cash has surged this year, doubling in price and sharply outperforming its big brother bitcoin. The altcoin (a digital currency besides bitcoin) rallied more than 105% between the start of 2019 ($160.53) and its annual high reached April 3 ($329.85).

Apart from Bitcoin Cash Ver chooses to hold also ETH, Zcash, Zcoin, Monero, Dash, BNB, XRP etc. saying:

“Having a diverse portfolio is key.”

Bitfury: the Business of Spying

Ver also criticized Bitfury, accusing them of spying and selling the users’ data. According to him, the company was selling user data so that they can to spy on them, while simultaneously advocating against the tools that would facilitate user privacy with their digital assets.

Ver said that, when you ask yourself why would Bitfury want to limit the block size, the answer is clear. It makes it easier for them to spy on every day and it makes harder for cryptocurrencies to become currencies for the world. He said:

“ It is literally Bitfury’s business model to spy on people and sell the data.They advertise it directly on their website: https://crystalblockchain.com/.”

Craig Wright is Wasting Everyone’s Time

Of course, we had to talk about Craig Wright and notorious “fight” that it seems to be only his. Ver said:

“I wish every project good luck with their project that’s making peer to peer cash to the world and I wish Craig Wright and Calvin Eyre bad luck with their law suits.”

When talking about “fake Satoshi” and answering why would someone claim that they are real Satoshi, Ver says:

“You can’t figure out the irrational. Nobody knows why he claims that he is Satoshi.”

He then added:

“I think Craig Wright cut his own side. He is always on his own side and if his side, maybe for the moment or for the day lines with someone else’s, he may join someone’s side just for the day but as far as I can tell – he is on his own side.

Bitcoin cash is community that wants to build P2P cash for the people around world to use and we want everybody to be able to benefit from that. I know he is suing everybody with different opinion than his. They said they’re suing me but they didn’t serve me yet. But I am sure he wants to sue me.”

It seems that in the meantime, Craig Wright did actually sue Ver because “he didn’t want to apologize.”

As we know, Ver, together with Bitmain and Kraken was sued for manipulation over Bitcoin Cash network by UnitedCorp. He seems not bothered with it at all saying:

“I think United Corp is just a front for Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright. They are just wasting everyone’s time instead of focusing on their own lives and interests.”

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