Fans can Now Get Closer to Creators in the Film Industry with Livetree

March 15th, 2018 at 11:27 am UTC · 4 min read

An ever-growing community of people who share a common passion for entertainment has made the film industry what it is today. But these fan universes and fandoms have been lured in with a false sense of being the driving force in entertainment. Yes, fans can be a force of reckoning for films, TV shows or other such sources of entertainment (where else will they earn revenue from?) but do they have the freedom to choose what kind of content is being?

Do they get to connect with the creators of a favorite film on a personal level?
Or do their reviews affect the way films are made?
The answer is NO.

The current system does not involve fans in filmmaking or the subsequent processes in any manner whatsoever. Everyone knows for a fact how hard it is to convert a project to a film, but fans have no idea about the head-spinning process embroiled in doing so. The cutthroat attitude of the film industry is biased towards the wealthy and renowned who also, sadly, pull strings.

A new rush of digitization left fans with the hope to have more power, but as online distribution channels like Netflix took over, the industry somehow became more centralized. Films may be just a few clicks and a good Internet connection away, but fans have expressed concern about how some quality content still does not find a place in such a vast channel.

This thought has crossed the mind of a majority of movie-lovers. They have expressed frustration over this unfair treatment and left oh-so-many comments but to no avail.

Only if you had access to a platform that lets you get closer to filmmakers and have a tête-à-tête with them!

Well, guess again.

LiveTree is revolutionizing the film industry through its blockchain-based platform- ADEPT. ADEPT (Advanced Decentralized Entertainment Platform for Transparent distribution) is an ecosystem that returns power to the fans- the power to decide which films get made and who stars in them.

Apart from a great story, it takes a great team to make the story work, and fans can only make the team stronger. Filmmakers interact directly with fans on the platform, present an idea; if the story tugs at the heartstrings of fans, they can give it a thumbs-up and back the project with Seed (SED), LiveTree’s very own token. Imagine by LiveTree, a Pre-Pay-Per-View (PPVOD) based model enables fans to pre-pay for the content they would love to be made.

Not only this, fans even get to earn from the projects they support or watch. Through this platform, personal recommendations will matter as recommending movies will mean that fans gain something out of it. Filmmakers have the option to dedicate a percentage of the money (raised through crowdfunding) to individuals who refer their projects to friends or family. Each fan connects his network of people with the project he/she chooses to back.

With the belief that it’s impossible to survive in the entertainment industry without the social, financial, and emotional support of fans, LiveTree opens the gates for every single fan. Fans can help new, independent, as well as small-time filmmakers, fight the brutal battle of funding and distribution.

The big players have taken up so much space leaving so little for others to survive, but LiveTree ADEPT gives an opportunity to everyone in the industry with a will to survive.

If you are a big fan of films and have always wanted to be an active part of filmmaking, funding, licensing, and distribution, here’s your chance. By investing in LiveTree’s very own token Seed, you have an opportunity to take the leap and have an impact on the film business.


Cheryl Clarke

[email protected]