Faunus is Launching CraffNetwork

December 21st, 2017 at 7:34 pm UTC · 2 min read

Faunus announces an exciting project that will focus on Crypto offers as the key element of the newest Affiliate Marketing paradigm — CraffNetwork. It  is a performance marketing affiliate network with a variety of advertisers from the world of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. The main distinctive feature of CraffNetwork is it’s narrow specialization in Crypto offers, which doesn’t mean a limited number of them. It is intended to include Crypto offers from all spheres: Gambling, Trading, Mining, Exchange and many others.

“After a huge success of Crypto Affiliate Conference 2017 which we hosted in Prague on October 30-31st, we saw that both Affiliate community and the Crypto industry people are really keen on joining efforts. The sheer volume of opportunities for both is truly immense and we have proven that. So, we decided to keep the momentum by launching a specialized Crypto Affiliate Network. We’ve been already backed by the most influential partners from both communities and we think that it will be a good start for a long-term blockchain technology integration.” Pavel Bykov, Founder.

Faunus is trying a different approach with its CraffNetwork by tuning the platform for everyone individually. It’s nothing like the old-school networks which only serve as a soulless mediator between the offer provider and the traffic source.

CraffNetwork promises highly flexible pricing models such as CPA, CPL and Rev.Share, fully tailored for each of its partners with instant payouts in Fiat or Crypto currencies. But what absolutely takes this network to a whole new level is the full-cycle inhouse production of multi-step funnels and creatives.

CraffNetwork will be open December 1st for public access with even more exclusive Crypto offers on board. If you’re searching for an improvement over your outdated business models, you surely got to be waiting for it. CraffNetwork will be able to revitalize any business with a stream of fresh opportunities brought by the New Age digital and social technologies.

About Faunus

Faunus is an affiliate network based in Prague, Czech Republic. Founded in 2008 as an analytical company, Faunus had a long and winding road to becoming a part of the affiliate community in 2012. For the last 5 years its main focus has been creation and promotion of Finance offers. With the new era of Crypto offers and after successfully hosting the first ever Crypto Affiliate Conference, Faunus is one of the leading affiliate networks on the market.