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Financial Institutions Join Avalanche Evergreen Subnet Spruce

UTC by Ibukun Ogundare · 3 min read
Financial Institutions Join Avalanche Evergreen Subnet Spruce
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The Avalanche Evergreen Subnet will expand to onboard more third-party applications, assets, and processes.

After Avalanche Blockchain launched Evergreen Subnet earlier in the month, financial institutions like T.Rowe Price have joined the ‘Spruce’ test net to participate in DeFi use cases. Wisdom Tree, Cumberland, and Wellington have also joined the Avalanche Layer 1 Evergreen subnet, Spruce. In addition to participating in DeFi use cases, the institutions will test FX and interest rate swaps as they join Avalanche’s Subnet. These financial institutions will use Spricuce as a testnet for different applications and assets. This way, they can measure the advantages of on-chain trade execution and settlement.

Avalanche launched Evergreen Subnet Spruce for financial institutions in early April. At the time of launch, Ava Labs said it would give financial institutions access to roll out their own Evergreen subnets for research and development. The company added that the firms may also utilize the subnets for “production-ready use cases.” It further explained how institutions could go on with blockchain strategies in private permission chains. Avalanche’s native communication protocol, Avalanche Warp Messaging (AWM), will help firms to communicate with other subnets.

“Institutions can pursue their blockchain strategies in private, permissioned chains with known and approved counterparties, while retaining the ability to communicate with other subnets through Avalanche’s native communication protocol Avalanche Warp Messaging (AWM).”

Avalanche Evergreen Subnet “Spruce”

Notably, the testnet will use valueless tokens, which allows the institutions to experience the full functionality of the Avalanche Evergreen Subnet. Hence, capital is not put at risk. The likes of T.Rowe Price, Cumberland, and others moving towards Avalanche’s Subnet are additional indicators of traditional finance (TradFi) companies integrating blockchain technology. TradFi companies have been pushing deeper into the blockchain space and crypto-related products in recent times. The head of digital assets strategy at T.Rowe Price Associates, Blue Macellari, stated:

“Participating in the Avalanche Spruce testnet presents a valuable opportunity to deepen our understanding and analysis of smart contract technology and the potential applications of public, permissioned blockchains in financial markets.”

In addition to being able to execute foreign exchange and interest rate swaps, institutional partners will have more options in the future. The Avalanche Evergreen Subnet will expand to onboard more third-party applications, assets, and processes. Users can access the “exploration of tokenized equity and credit issuance, trading and fund management.”

The head of digital assets at Wisdom Tree, Will Peck, also gave his two cents on the move toward Avalanche Evergreen Subnet. He refers to the financial institution’s belief in tokenization and blockchain’s important role in financial services. Peck added that Avalanche Spric would allow exploring the benefits of on-chain trading and settlement with other financial service providers.

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