Fitrova Partnerships Confirmed – FRV Token Sales Approach 500 Million in Only 72 Hours

Place/Date: Australia - March 13th, 2018 at 6:16 am UTC · 2 min read
Source: Fitrova

This information comes with the recent announcement and confirmation of Fitrova’s acquired partnerships and the hype that has started to follow suit.

Over the last week Fitrova has caused quite the stir amongst the online crypto community along with several popular YouTuber’s also jumping on the band wagon and trying to take advantage of the new-found hype.

Big claims from Fitrova about their said partnerships with Anytime Fitness, Fitness First, LA Fitness & Snap Fitness have now been fully verified by our sources as of 13th March 2018, however this still leaves verification of Planet Fitness, World Gym, Crunch Fitness & Club One to be fully confirmed.

There are always risks with any investment opportunity and just like any new tech startup company, the funds needing to be raised are always outrageously high. Though this may be the case, Fitrova are the first to offer a decentralized platform within the fitness space and as such could also present its own challenges in and of itself.

The mission for Fitrova now is to gain enough investment to eventually launch an infrastructure that is capable of being sustained long-term with all the functionality that they promise.

This still remains to be seen as Fitrova is still in the very early stages of technical development and rollout and according to Fitrova’s Whitepaper, the path that lays ahead could potentially be a struggle to market as they transparently warn readers with the following statement: “The health of Fitrova, its platform and all technical developments are subject to changes in the interpretation, application, marketing and anticipated timeline.”

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