Gaming Bitcoin Alternative HYPER Sponsors 10 Game Servers on, Dedicated USB Staking Machines Launched

Place/Date: - January 21st, 2016 at 5:46 pm UTC · 2 min read
Source: HYPER

Almost 2 years old, HYPER is a low energy cryptocurrency designed for use in online games, MMOs, virtual worlds and more. Anyone worldwide can earn, spend and win HYPER on a decentralized network of HYPER game servers run by the community.

Fully funded by the HYPER team, cryptocurrency gaming platform runs over 10 HYPER enabled gaming servers where gamers worldwide can win HYPER playing games like CSGO, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, Insurgency, Nuclear Dawn, Left 4 Dead 2, and many more games. CashNCarry also host many HYPER monthly gaming competitions where anyone can win HYPER, as well as selling CSGO skins and keys for HYPER.

HYPER is also pleased to announce StakeBox USB HYPER staking machines available for purchase thanks to support from the dedicated StakeBox team, and new innovative merchant CryptoMercado that sells coffee and more for HYPER. HYPER is on both and Coinpayments which means any online store can easily integrate HYPER payments. Any merchants accepting HYPER that post in the bitcointalk thread are sure to see growth in traffic, interest and sales.

HYPER has a range of bounties available, including for an Electrum style lightweight HYPER wallet.

Any online game developer that integrates HYPER into their projects will receive free marketing, and instant access to a passionate community of cryptocurrency gamers. More information can be seen in the HYPER Goals and Strategy PDF.

The HYPER community has come together and a new HYPER team with independent members on tech support, social media marketing, PR, technical development, game server infrastructure maintenance and development, and much more has assembled itself in a very short time period.

HYPER’s head developer recently posted a very large update on the bitcointalk forum listing most current HYPER games, services and merchants. The key focus of all future development plans is to ensure HYPER has a diverse and unprecedented ecosystem that provides many unique opportunities for gaming, trading and profit.

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