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by Benjamin Godfrey · 3 min read Exchange: Hub of High Performing Cryptocurrency Startups
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The support for excellent cryptocurrency startups and projects has impacted the exchange’s native cryptocurrency – the GT Token.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are one of the main drivers of the ongoing digital currency revolution today. While there are hundreds of these trading platforms serving the crypto space, comes off with stellar records per its innovative offerings. is a safe and trusted cryptocurrency exchange that has been serving Bitcoin enthusiasts since 2013. The platform has now grown to support hundreds of innovative digital currencies around, additionally offering a specialized service of helping new projects raise funds through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). Its IEO engagement has particularly made it stand out from its peers when the projects it has backed over time are profiled for their performances to date. Supported Cryptocurrency Startup Projects and Accrued ROI

Cryptocurrency startup projects particularly trust with their debut, and leveraging on the huge community the exchange has gathered over the years, it has reportedly helped lift off some of the projects it backs.

Over the years, the trading platform has backed projects ranging from TotemFi (TOTM) to Cook Token (COOK), Yield (YLD), Oxycoin (OXY), and Hapi (HAPI) amongst others. Each of these listed cryptocurrency startups has recorded varying Return on Investments (ROI) since making their debut on the platform.

TotemFi has recorded a 45900% ROI, coming off as one of the most successful projects backed by the exchange thus far. Cook (COOK) has inked a 3947.5% ROI while Yield, Oxycoin, and Hapi have soared 3688%, 3391.2%, and 2367% respectively. These results represent a fraction of the many impressive turnouts of the projects that have been supported by the exchange even this year.

Numbers Are Recognized Across the Board

The data provided previously came from, and while these are absolutely correct, the attestation to the performance of’s backed projects by third-party analytics platform further lends credence to the platform’s performance narrative.

As recorded by, outperformed other centralized cryptocurrency exchanges with respect to the overall success of its backed startups. The exchange was ranked second per the Average All-Time High (ATH) ROI of 151 analyzed projects. The trading platform inked an ROI of 6826.06%, second only to Binance exchange with 9124.02%, more than double of the ATH ROI of KuCoin.

The figures highlighted are a testament to’s strides, which is further complemented by CoinMarketCap’s ranking of the exchange as the 8th largest with a liquidity score of 401, and over 565 coins listed.

Rub-Off on the GT Token

The support for excellent cryptocurrency startups and projects has impacted the exchange’s native cryptocurrency, the GT Token. The token has undoubtedly charted a new price track for itself amidst the ongoing bull run. Its over 85% surge in the past week has driven it to an ATH price of $4.76 on April 11th. This price level represents a 1498.19% increase from its all-time low of $0.2667 set more than a year ago according to CoinMarketCap.

From all the buzz going on on, the platform’s native token which powers most of these activities has also been a beneficiary, returning an equally massive ROI to investors or holders. One of the benefits of holding the GT Token on is that holders will gain more exclusive access to participate in the startup projects of their choice. With a certain amount of GT Tokens, you get a VIP level to take advantage of these offerings.

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