GoMeat: Empower Specialty Meat Industry with Blockchain Technology

July 21st, 2021 at 9:11 am UTC · 4 min read

Globally, there are about 2 billion specialty meat consumers. According to the Muslim and Jewish regulations, animals must be brought up in a healthy environment, treated humanely, and slaughtered as per specific rules. Meat slaughtered as per Islamic rules is referred to as Halal, while Jews have Kosher as meat that adheres to their regulations. Strict adherents of the two religions avoid restaurants that serve non-halal or non-kosher meat. Due to these religious demands, the specialty meat market has become a niche where specialty meat consumers. are ready to pay a premium to get approved Halal or Kosher meat.

Despite its potential growth, the specialty meat market has many challenges. The global challenges facing the industry include:

  1. Limited availability of  Halal and Kosher meat.
  2. The long waiting time in ordering and receiving the meat.
  3. No existing professional and organized home delivery services.
  4. Requirement for proof of authenticity of Halal or Kosher.
  5. Lack of openness about the wellbeing, breeding, and treatment of the slaughtered animal.
  6. Over 90% of specialty meat stores cannot afford to go digital.

Through blockchain technology, GoMeat intends to overcome the above challenges by digitalizing the specialty food industry. Besides bringing transparency, digitalization will simplify the certification procedure for specialty meat suppliers.

GoMeat is a platform created for customers, wholesalers, and retailers in the specialty meat industry all over the world. It is a pioneer in the field with no competition. The platform connects owners of specialty meat with the consumers of their products. With a straightforward mobile store app, each meat owner can easily connect and create their storefront. Specialty meat owners can sell a wide range of meat products, including poultry and seafood.

GoMeat app has a broad range of free features that specialty meat owners can use. Various meat owners, including self-employed entrepreneurs, small-scale store owners, and family businesses can use this platform to sell their products. All these types of specialty meat owners can use the appropriate tools on the platform to sell and market their products.

The platform uses blockchain technology to ensure that the Halal and Kosher certificates are authentic and valid for each store offering their specialty meat items. This tracking provides essential information concerning the animal’s breeding, raising, and living conditions.

GoMeat Blockchain Scope

The blockchain application is will be based on the Hydrachain platform and performs various roles, including:

  • Gather all certificate information from a certificate data repository.
  • Onboard validation
  • Retail owner certification validation
  • Creation of a blockchain API to link with GoMeat marketplace and display smart certification documents in the app for new clients to view
  • Check a safe certificate data repository provider and update certificate data regularly.
  • Keep the retail owners’ information and certification data in the blockchain application.
  • Certificate cancellation or suspension validation: monitor and regulate.
  • Share public keys with a third party and retail owners for each certificate.


GoMeat has been in business since 2019. At the time of its creation, business processes and MVP were designed. The piloting phase happened in 2019, which was followed by the growth phase in 2020. According to the business roadmap, 2021 to 2025 will be the years of expansion, divided into different phases.

GOMT Token

The project intends to use a token sales strategy to achieve various goals. The raised funds will be used to grow the platform, integrate the token, and finance marketing activities. The ICO is divided into two stages, while the second stage is further subdivided into three tiers. Bonuses will be given out throughout the ICO. The bonus amount will gradually reduce to incentivize early purchase.

The allocation of the tokens will be as follows:

  • Token Pre-sale: 500,000, which is 10% of the total supply. An exclusive 20% bonus is being offered in this pre-sale phase.
  • Token sale ICO: 2,000,000, which is 40% of the total supply. We have 3 tiers of bonuses in this phase, in which the bonuses decrease as the sale moves on (15%,10% and 5%).
  • Exchange and Liquidity: 150, 000 which is 3% total.
  • Reward management: 100,000, which is 2% total.
  • Future Reserve for expansions: 1,250, 000 which is 25% total.
  • Teams & Founders: 1,000,000 which is 20% total.

Currently, the company is at a pre-sale phase and has reached 25% of its soft-cap target within two weeks of launch. So, you can Register & Buy the token here.



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