Why Are All the High Rollers Moving Their Action to mBit Casino?

Place/Date: Willemstad, Curacau - August 17th, 2016 at 10:31 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: mBit Casino

Bitcoin and its underlying technology have been creating waves across the industries with their disruptive nature. Among all the industries, this revolutionary invention has impacted online gambling industry the most. With Bitcoin, it is now possible for the gambling platforms to offer instant withdrawal options to their users so that they can receive immediate payouts. All these things wouldn’t have been possible with outdated conventional fiat payments technology.

The advantages of Bitcoin as a payment mode is being leveraged upon by the online gambling industry resulting in an increased number of Bitcoin casinos. While some of these platforms simply integrate Bitcoin as a payment method, there are few like mBit Casino which have made Bitcoin its sole focus since its launch in 2014.

Most of the Bitcoin casinos out there are heavily focused on expanding their game collections and offering attractive signup deals for their users. Unlike them, mBit follows a different approach towards running a Bitcoin casino business. The platform ensures that its players always get more than what they had bargained for while playing on mBit. It offers an innovative red carpet treatment to its players, allowing them to earn loyalty points as they spend time on mBit Casino. These loyalty points combined with unique rewards makes each player feel special.

In addition to the red carpet treatment with loyalty points, the latest mBit Black multi-tiered VIP player rewards system seals the deal for both professional gamblers and enthusiasts alike. Being one-of-a-kind rewards system, the platform offers 1 bitcoin top-up on the bankroll for mBit Black status holders. In order to attain the mBit Black status, a fresh user has to first earn the Silver status by gaining 100 points. The Silver status is soon followed by Gold, Diamond and ultimately, the coveted Black title. mBit Black VIP status holders are eligible for these rewards as well.

Explaining about the new mBit Black VIP Bitcoin casino player reward program, Linda Murphy from mBit Casino says,

“This new VIP bitcoin casino player reward program was built with sizable input from existing affiliates and players alike. After many months of development, we are proud to announce that the VIP operation is fully active.”

Players are constantly updated about their points and level-score status. This ensures that they know how close they are to gaining additional rewards and benefits. The tiers are reset every month, allowing players to gain additional rewards while retaining all prior benefits. These benefits include rewards like participation in sizable Bitcoin prize pools, physical rewards and earning bonuses on their future deposits. mBit Black players will receive all the benefits of other tiers as well. On an average, the mBit Casino Black VIP player will receive 10 deposit bonuses at 575%.

The mBit VIP reward system is now live and it has gained a lot of traction so far. One of the VIP players has recently won a 25 BTC jackpot as well.

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