How Hinata’s Anime NFT Platform Connects Fans with Collectibles 

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How Hinata’s Anime NFT Platform Connects Fans with Collectibles 
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The Hinata DAO has been established to support quality content creators and incubate a platform suited for the future of collectibles, metaverse tokenization and blockchain gaming.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are transforming the way art and other collectibles are bought and sold. These digital assets possess tons of intrinsic characteristics in the way they are coded that makes them incredibly attractive for the purposes of holding value and verifying their authenticity, so collectors everywhere are taking notice of NFTs at a record-setting pace.

The global collectibles market is currently valued at $370 billion, and it’s expected that the total NFT transaction volume of $338 million in 2020 will flip the traditional collectibles market in the near future. The statistics seem to support these claims since NFTs saw a major boost from H1 of 2021 to Q3 of the same year: revenue from NFT sales rose from $2.5 billion to $10.7 billion, respectively.

In the midst of the current booming collectors market sits a sector of entertainment projected to double in growth by the end of the decade from around $25 billion today to nearly $50 billion by 2028. Japanese animation, otherwise known as anime, has garnered an intense following over the decades, and anime’s reach continues to grow across borders as an international fanbase continues to build globally.

NFTs and Anime Seem Like a Match Made in Heaven

The combination of an exploding NFT market and an increased interest in anime could synergize both sectors for years to come. Recently launched in the public eye, Hinata will debut its platform seeking to do exactly the kind of matchmaking that should help propel the revenues of both anime collectibles and NFTs to new heights.

Hinata has created relationships with animators, illustrators, and modelers working in anime to create original content that will be made available as NFTs and physical collectibles through its platform. Hinata’s users will be able to purchase an NFT, and then they can claim a physical collectible based on their NFT in the form of posters, collectors cards, and various other items sought after by anime’s legions of fans.

While Hinata offers users a chance to cross over their NFTs from cyberspace to meatspace, they are also crossing over into other digital platforms in order to spread their community’s presence on the blockchain. Events will be regularly scheduled in blockchain metaverses such as Decentraland and Sandbox to attract anime fans of all kinds.

Hinata Promises Future Innovations for the Anime NFT Marketplace

Hinata is set to launch with several innovative features, and it promises more to come as the platform continues to grow. The anime NFT marketplace will begin its operations as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) powered by a non-transferable governance token, known as WAIFU, that users can earn by staking $HiNATA.

WAIFU holders will be granted access to the DAO’s revenues and will also have the ability to propose changes to the platform that include restructuring fees and guiding the direction of content added to the marketplace. WAIFU also grants holders exclusive access to NFT drops, and staking $HiNATA as a single token or as liquidity can reduce trading fees to less than one percent.

Gas fees are notoriously high on Ethereum’s main network, and in order to combat the frictions posed to users by these high transaction costs, Hinata will institute subsidies via the Gas Station Network (GSN) to reduce fees for users. In the future, Hinata’s roadmap plans to add multi-chain Layer 2 support in order to further lower fees incurred by users when buying and selling anime NFTs.

Additional technical features slated for Hinata’s future include a public minting suite for NFTs, a generative NFT launchpad service, and the ability to swap NFTs for NFTs up to eight at a time through OTC contracts.

Hinata’s Anime NFT Marketplace Links Artists and Fans

Graphic novels, known as manga, would be rudimentary comics and NFTs would be lines of code if it weren’t for the artists whose works bring these things to life. In order to support the communication between artists and fans as well as foster a community surrounding anime NFTs, Hinata has plans to implement a jobs board where artists and clients can interact to arrange commissions handled over the blockchain.

Regular users and anime super fans can also choose to funnel their staking rewards towards artists in return for original content received on a regular basis. Users can also receive random mixes of original content from various artists for helping provide this kind of steady income for the talent that keeps this medium moving forward.

It seems like there’s never been a better time to be an anime collector as NFTs and Hinata are bringing access to genuine anime collectibles just one click away.

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