HMQ Coin Is Added To A New Secure Cryptocurrency Platform HOTBIT

August 7th, 2018 at 2:15 pm UTC · 2 min read

Humaniq carried out a comprehensive study of more than 200 crypto-exchanges analysing their traffic, trading volume, and prospects. Of these 200, only 30 crypto-exchanges with the highest growth rates were chosen. Hotbit was at the top of this list as the most attractive in terms of the growth rate boost.

Hotbit provides low fees and a high-quality range of coins. Based on a high-speed memory trading engine that meets Wall Street industry standards, Hotbit is characterised by high liquidity, enables users to run an analysis taking into account over 250 market parameters and provides 24×7 support.

The exchange platform is also marked by a multimodular structure that meets the financial sector’s IT requirements, necessary to guarantee the steady operation of the system.

With this latest listing, Humaniq is now traded on 7 exchanges, also including Bittrex, Upbit, Mercatox, Yobit, and 2 DEX exchanges. Having more exchanges onboard goes hand-in-hand with the community-building strategy of the highly successful 400-000 user-strong Humaniq App, now used in 16 African countries.

It follows App community evaluations that it is superior in safety and security to other apps. This was on the basis of its high security standards, bio-ID and secure messenger with end-to-end encryption.

Anton Mozgovoy, VP Technology, said:

“HMQ is not just a progressive cryptocurrency, it is a whole ideology aimed at connecting billions of unbanked people and creating new, fairer financial relations between them. We are confident that this latest listing will have a positive impact on the development of the HMQ coin, helping our company to achieve new heights.”

About Humaniq

Humaniq is a London-based Fintech firm that provides next-generation financial services using its blockchain-based mobile application to the unbanked and underprivileged in emerging economies globally. Humaniq is focused on worldwide financial inclusion by providing access to global markets, greater opportunities, and novel financial solutions using repurposed technologies for those gaining exposure to financial services for the first time.


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