How $AFINS Brings Crypto Traders Together

Place/Date: - October 21st, 2021 at 5:46 pm UTC · 3 min read
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One painful feature of the cryptocurrency markets is the high degree of fragmentation. The crypto markets comprise thousands of digital assets, traded across hundreds of exchanges with different user interfaces and processes. Navigating becomes difficult in this fragmented market for traders and investors.

Furthermore, most of these exchanges do not offer pre-trade analysis. It is challenging to find out which digital asset to own at any given time or estimate the performance before executing a trade.

altFINS seeks to bring efficiency into the investment process in the digital assets space by covering the entire workflow, from pre-trade analysis, trading to post-trade analysis and tracking of digital assets. It brings together data on crypto markets, breaking news, research, insightful analytics, communications tools, and trade execution capabilities – in one fully integrated solution. altFINS gives traders powerful tools to analyze digital assets more efficiently and profitably.

$AFINS Token Flywheel Effect

altFINS’ mission is to become the “Bloomberg” of the digital asset class, a platform for analyzing and tracking digital assets. In doing so, altFINS connects investors globally to make the experience of crypto trading and investing less opaque and more efficient.

In addition, we have launched AFINS Token to reward and stimulate the adoption of the altFINS platform. By giving rewards to our community for their use and contribution to the platform, the awareness and utility value of altFINS will grow, thus attracting additional users.

A growing user base and fee revenues should drive more demand for AFINS tokens through staking and buybacks/burns. This could exert upward pressure on token price, further rewarding our community and ecosystem.

How $AFINS Brings Crypto Traders Together

Through such a feedback loop, AFINS Token and our rewards program will spark a flywheel effect. We also believe that by connecting traders through sharing of ideas and trading strategies, we can encourage contribution to the platform that benefits the platform and the community itself. Users are incentivized through exclusive rewards, discounts, priority access to new platform features, and other valuable opportunities on the altFINS platform. As the adoption of altFINS and the demand for $AFINS grow, so does the value of $AFINS rewards.

The AFINS rewards program, therefore, creates a symbiotic relationship between the platform and the community of users.  Users will receive their rewards in $AFINS in exchange for their participation in the network.

altFINS platform was launched in August 2020 and has seen rapid adoption to tens of thousands of active users today. This achievement is just the beginning of our mission. We have an ambitious product roadmap ahead to expand features and scalability, as we see a huge untapped opportunity ahead.

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