The decentralized continuous audit and reporting protocol ecosystem “DCARPE™ uses a GAAP and IFRS compliant smart contract platform to
AuditChain provides the presentation of balance sheet, income statement, cash flow and statement of changes in stockholders’ equity reports in real time, or “every block”.

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Paul Ostling - Regulatory and Government Affairs
Joshua Yabut - M.S., OSCP, OSCE Co-Founder & Technical Lead
Jason Meyers - Co-Founder
Georges Medawar - Director of Business and Community Development
Touradj Ebrahimi - Director
Duncan Johnson - Community Development
Rimas Vaitauskas - Strategic Development, Accounting and Assurance
Charles Hwang - Business Development
Bogdan Fiedur - Full Stack Developer


Nemanja Nikitovic
Yaroslav Belkin
Scott Price - Founder and Chief Executive Officer of A-lign
Jonathan Mohan - Strategic Planning

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