The $700B US trucking industry is the backbone of American commerce with 80% of all cargo transported overland by trucks, yet it is plagued with inefficiency and ultimately controlled by a bloated intermediary brokerage system whose incentives are not aligned with the true stakeholders.
Imagine forming a blockchain platform bringing together shippers, carriers, truckers and brokers where they can place and track orders, assess performance records, compare pricing and extend credit. Add in a set of decentralized applications (DApps) linking up these stakeholders–and a new digital token speeding their transactions–and you could cut billions of dollars in inefficiencies from the $700 billion-dollar-a-year trucking industry.
That is the vision of Fr8 Network, a newly formed upstart that aims to take the pain out of shipping by targeting, in particular, the $66 billion a year in fees exacted by some 16,000 middleman brokerages. Some key points:
· Potential savings are huge. Trucks travel an astounding 29.6 billion miles every year only partially loaded or entirely empty–a waste of capacity even as businesses struggle with a shortage of drivers.
· Cut that unused capacity in half, and we could save $30 billion a year in fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions from trucks by 100 million tons per year, 20% of their total carbon output.
· By matching customers to and carriers online, the industry could sidestep broker fees that pose up to 20% of the cost of shipping goods; cut fees in half and the industry saves some $30 billion.

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Jon Fox - CEO
Sloane Brakeville - CTO
Ling Qing Meng - VP Engineering
Shankhri Balaji - Chief Strategist
Yevgeniy Spektor - Lead Engineer
Barry Glasco - Senior Enterprise Engineer
Michael Zargham - HD Mathematician
Matt Barlin - MIT Trained Data Scientist
Peter Crane - Business Development
Will Kamensky - Community Management


Scott Walker - Partner Distributed Network Advisors (DNA)
Dustin Boyer - Partner Distributed Network Advisors (DNA)
Emily Bush - Partner Distributed Network Advisors (DNA)
James Regenor - Deputy Executive Secretary National Security Council Executive Office of the President for Bush and Obama Administrations
Adam Helfgott - CEO Madhive
Tom Bollich - CTO Madhive
Court Coursey - Managing Partner, Tomorrow Ventures
Konstantin Richter - CEO Blockdaemon
Alex Lightman - CEO Millennium Energy Corporation
Matt McGraw - Founding Partner, The Bureau
Matt McKibbin - CDO, Decentranet
Ted Moskovitz - Founder, Decentranet
Eric Greenberg - Founder, Chairman and CEO Warp Media
Scott Nelson - Chairman & CEO Sweetbridge
Mac McGary - President, Sweetbridge
Dave Henderson - Co-Founder and CFO Sweetbridge
Rebecca Lerner - EVP Madhive
E. David Ellington - Founder Silicon Valley Blockchain Society
Amit Pradhan - Managing Partner Jet Ventures

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