IEO HUBREX Project – Your Crypto Exchange with Liquidity for the Week!

Place/Date: Estonia, Talin - August 19th, 2019 at 1:51 pm UTC · 3 min read
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IEO HUBREX Project – Your Crypto Exchange with Liquidity for the Week!

Unfortunately, in years gone by, establishing and developing a cryptocurrency exchange has been extremely difficult, often costing between $500,000 and $2m. This doesn’t even bring maintenance and lack of liquidity into questions, which together almost negate any potential profit or any possibility to compete with the big players.

However, HUBREX is now committed to reshaping the entire industry.

HUBREX invites everyone to get their own crypto exchange at the cost of a small number of project tokens. All HUBREX crypto exchanges within a single liquidity, with each participating service being able to have their own branded interface and individual tokens, as well as technology, support, and liquidity.

Each individual party can control their own stock exchange, costs of balances, commission management, hot and cold wallets, client accounts, and more. The adaptive design trading terminal, convenient client area, and highlevel security, the mobile application is built specifically to attract and, most importantly, retain customers.

All applications sent in a single pool of liquidity are divided into two types, maker and taker. Maker refers to limit orders that form instrument liquidity in the order book, with each one executed providing 0.08% of the transaction volume. Meanwhile, take refers to market orders, with a cost in the general liquidity pool of 0.1%.

Each participant with a new exchange in the pool can get one-click access to the HUBREX single liquidity pool, choosing their own strategy. HUBREX Liquidity Revenues The Liquidity Provider strategy implies the formation of market maker algorithms, automating them using the builtin API as well as awarding own clients for limit orders as part of the positive commission principle for a part of the reward. Therefore, you always earn with a warrant from your exchange perform.

The HUBREX team is constantly on hand to monitor all the latest trends, figures, and patterns, updating the product with the very latest modules. The software can subsequently be used within a number of different spheres, including platforms using crypto-software, exchangers of digital assets, crypto currency portals, forums, news feeds, and blogs, as well as individuals and companies implementing a separate business in the form of a cryptocurrency exchange.

The HUBREX project will now release 5,000,000.00 of ERC20 tokens, which will be distributed in several rounds of IEO on IQFinex crypto exchange. Immediately after the purchase of tokens, you can buy your own crypto exchange, mobile application and start using the amazing software.

The first round started on August 19, 2019. In order to participate, you must go through a simple registration procedure and KYC. For early participants in IEO, special conditions and a significant token discount are provided.

Interface of exchange

IEO HUBREX Project – Your Crypto Exchange with Liquidity for the Week!

Comparison of its development and purchase for HUBR tokens:

IEO HUBREX Project – Your Crypto Exchange with Liquidity for the Week!