Cartesi is building an operating system for dApps. The project enables complex and intensive computations run in a Linux environment, outside the blockchain, without compromising decentralization. Cartesi aims to make dApps significantly more powerful, cost-effective, easier to develop, and portable. The goal is to bring mainstream productivity to developers and a satisfying experience for users.

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Scalability: Intensive computations on massive amounts of data are performed off-chain with the same security guarantees offered by the blockchain.

Programmability: dApp logic runs under Linux, with a choice of thousands of open-source software components to mix and match.

Ease of Adoption: Developers can work in a familiar environment with no artificial limitations and with access to all their favorite tools.

Decentralization: Consensus is securely reached on-chain with no need for reputation protocol, Trusted Execution Environment, or central servers on the cloud.

Portability: Cartesi aims to make dApps portable across the most important public blockchains that support smart contracts.

IEO’s Details


  • IEO Platform:

  • IEO Opening Date:

    Apr 14th, 2020 12:01 am (UTC)

  • IEO Closing Date:

    Apr 22nd, 2020 8:00 am (UTC)


  • Symbol:


  • Blockchain Type:


  • Role of Token:


  • Finance Information

  • Public Sale Hard Cap:

    1 500 000 USD

  • Total Token Supply:

    1 000 000 000 CTSI

  • Tokens for Public Sale:

    100 000 000 CTSI (10.0000% of total token supply)

  • Public Sale Token Price:

    1 CTSI = 0.015 USD

  • Public Sale Vesting Period:

    No lockup

  • Token Distribution

    Within 15 days after end of token sale

  • Accepted Currencies


  • Token Sale Format


  • Max Number of Winning Lottery Tickets

    7 500

  • Allocation Per Winning Ticket


  • Private Sale Token Price

    1 CTSI = 0.01 USD

  • Private Sale Allocation


  • Private Sale Vesting Period

    12-month cliff; 11.1% unlocks every quarter afterwards

  • Seed Sale Token Price


  • Seed Sale Allocation

    12 month cliff; 14.3% unlocks every quarter afterwards

  • Legal Information

  • Company Name:

    Cartesi Foundation Ltd.

  • KYC:


  • Restricted Areas:

    Belarus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, United States of America and its territories (American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands), Zimbabwe


  • Erick de Moura

    Erick de Moura

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Augusto Teixeira, PhD

    Augusto Teixeira, PhD

    Chief Scientific Officer

  • Diego Nehab, PhD

    Diego Nehab, PhD

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Colin Steil

    Colin Steil

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Danilo Tuler

    Danilo Tuler

    Head of Engineering

  • Felipe Argento

    Felipe Argento

    Blockchain Engineer

  • Carlo Fragni

    Carlo Fragni

    Software Engineer

  • Victor Fusco Senior

    Victor Fusco Senior

    Software Engineer

  • Stephen Chen

    Stephen Chen

    Software Engineer

  • Fabiana Cecin, PhD

    Fabiana Cecin, PhD

    Software Engineer


  • Serguei Popov, PhD

    Serguei Popov, PhD

    Senior Advisor

  • Stas Oskin

    Stas Oskin

    Senior Advisor

  • Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, PhD

    Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, PhD

  • William Bao Bean

    William Bao Bean

  • Boris Povod

    Boris Povod

  • Michael Hwang

    Michael Hwang

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