Intelligent Hero is a platform that combines the technicalities of blockchain technology with the simplicity of an educative community of professionals with descriptions that cuts across various fields, and industries. We offer users the opportunity to connect with like-minds and individuals from other fields of life and gives them the opportunity to relate and share ideas with one another. The intelligent Hero platform enables interactions between members of the community to enable them to share ideas and knowledge which cuts across various fields with each other.

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Best Results for Online Job Searches: We are aware that getting jobs for those users who don’t have degrees to back up their skill-sets can be very difficult. With intelligent Hero, you can take tests within certain fields and get results that can serve as a reference point, imprinting your professionality and standing as a method of attesting to your professionalism in your said field. Exclusively Discreet Security Measures: One major issue with many platforms out there is the issue of security. Even major platforms that employ the best security measures still don’t have credible security measures that protect user information from being stolen by advertisers and data criminals. We Eradicate the Issue of Localization of Knowledge: We have created our platform to help our users meet up with international standards. We give our users the sole ability to keep up with information from their fields and selected interest areas, thereby keeping users up-to-date with happenings all across the world. We serve as a validation Instrument: Intelligent Hero is a quick adaptive platform that issues out tests to professional users based on their areas of specification/specialization. We ensure that our users don’t lose jobs because of the lack of university degrees in their areas of specialization. We serve as a method of ensuring the integrity of a particular job profession. User-Friendly Platform: Despite the complexities behind the backend of our platform and the integration of the technicalities of blockchain technology, we maintain a simple, user-friendly interface. Our users can easily go through our platform and understand the various buttons they see and understand how they work without the need for external aid. Reward system: One of the major reasons for employing the blockchain technology is to ensure a responsive system that gives incentives to users of the platform for making use of the platform to perform specific tasks (T&C apply).

IEO’s Details


  • IEO Platform:

  • IEO Opening Date:

    Jan 10th, 2020 12:01 pm (UTC)

  • IEO Closing Date:

    Feb 10th, 2020 11:59 am (UTC)

  • Country of Origin:



  • Symbol:


  • Blockchain Type:


  • Role of Token:


  • Finance Information

  • Public Sale Hard Cap:

    6 000 000 USD

  • Total Token Supply:

    100 000 000 HERO

  • Tokens for Public Sale:

    30 000 000 HERO (30.0000% of total token supply)

  • Public Sale Token Price:

    1 HERO = 0.2 USD

  • Token Sale Format


  • Legal Information

  • Company Name:


  • Country of Incorporation:


  • KYC:



  • Ruslan Saikivskyi

    Ruslan Saikivskyi

    CEO & Founder

  • Andrey Sayak

    Andrey Sayak

    CTO & Senior Developer

  • Andron Golban

    Andron Golban

    Senior Developer

  • Vladimir Jevaga

    Vladimir Jevaga


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