Opiria-Platform and PDATA Token are creating a global decentralized marketplace for the secure and transparent buying and selling of personal data. Companies worldwide desperately need personal data from consumers to understand their needs and requirements in order to design products and services that fuel desire as well as perfectly target marketing and sales activities. This is why data brokerage is a 250 billion USD/year industry and personal data the oil of the 21st century. Opiria-Platform enables consumers to earn money by monetizing their personal data. Companies can buy personal data directly from consumers and compensate them with PDATA Tokens. PDATA Token is the currency that expresses the value of personal data and enables its trading by using smart contracts on the blockchain. Opiria platform will connect consumers and companies globally and become the world´s largest decentralized personal data marketplace. Opiria-Platform and PDATA Tokens will democratize the brokerage of personal data in a secure, lawful, fair and transparent way, by making use of blockchain technology and the principle of choice – your choice to securely sell your personal data with whom you want with the help of our platform. We give companies access to real, reliable and high-quality consumer data and compensate consumers for their data with PDATA tokens – all the while respecting their privacy, in line with rigorous General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines.

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IEO’s Details


  • IEO Platform:

  • IEO Opening Date:

    May 19th, 2019 12:00 pm (UTC)

  • IEO Closing Date:

    May 26th, 2019 12:00 pm (UTC)

  • Country of Origin:



  • Symbol:


  • Blockchain Type:


  • Role of Token:


  • Finance Information

  • Total Token Supply:

    750 000 000 PDATA

  • Tokens for Public Sale:

    24 000 000 PDATA (3.2000% of total token supply)

  • Public Sale Token Price:

    1 PDATA = 0.1 USD

  • Public Sale Vesting Period:

    No lockup

  • Token Distribution


  • Token Sale Format


  • Legal Information

  • Company Name:


  • Company Address:

    10 Market Street, Suite 140, Camana Bay, Grand Cayman KY1-9006 Cayman Islands

  • KYC:


  • Restricted Areas:

    USA, Canada, China, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guyana, Iraq, Laos, Syria, Libya, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen, Iran, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Myanmar


  • Christian Lange

    Christian Lange

    Founder & CEO

  • Mihai Dumitrescu

    Mihai Dumitrescu


  • Marlene Lange

    Marlene Lange

    Co-founder & CPO

  • Toma Corbu

    Toma Corbu

    Software Architect

  • Marius Balaban

    Marius Balaban

    Frontend development

  • Paul Olteanu

    Paul Olteanu

    Frontend development

  • Dorin Danilov

    Dorin Danilov

    App development

  • Gabriel Tisca

    Gabriel Tisca

    App development

  • Denis Gandzii

    Denis Gandzii

    Frontend Developmentt

  • Sorin Balbae

    Sorin Balbae

    Testing and QA

  • Vlad Blana

    Vlad Blana

    Algorithm Development

  • Razvan Tautu

    Razvan Tautu



  • Ismail Malik

    Ismail Malik

  • Shane McQuillan

    Shane McQuillan

  • Julia Della Scala

    Julia Della Scala

  • Dr. Wolfram Remlinger

    Dr. Wolfram Remlinger

  • Sam Lee

    Sam Lee

  • Richard Kim

    Richard Kim

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