ISG – Creating a World without Communication Barriers

Place/Date: - December 20th, 2018 at 1:01 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: ISG, Source: ISG

The 21st century is connoted as the era of development of a global information society, which is deemed to be the bedrock of global information infrastructure. Many countries across the globe are focusing on building strong information and communication technologies to make their mark in the evolving global industry. While the advancements in the communication realm have been notable, there are certain setbacks that still impact the global penetration of voice and internet technologies.

Challenges Hindering the Growth of the Communication Domain

There are more than 7.5 billion mobile connections across the globe. While the number is close to the global population, there are many parts of the world that still don’t have access to basic mobile connections. Those sections are referred to as “dead zones”. Additionally, there are many economically backward regions where connections are available but the services are offered at a hefty price, making mobile connection an unaffordable option.

As you can see, along with technical accessibility, the fact that modern communication services are offered at expensive rates is another crucial factor that hinders its large-scale adoption. In fact, the cost of broadband services is equal to the monthly salary of an average individual in a developing country.

It is imperative to address these impending concerns that the modern communication landscape deals with in order to create a digital world that is not restricted by geographical boundaries. According to the statistics, only 40% of the world population has access to online services because of lack of accessible technology, low income to afford mobile communication, inaccessibility of connections in the remote regions, etc.

ISG – A Futuristic Communication Solution

The International Sky Group is a transformational platform that has used satellite communication and blockchain to offer streamlined and cost-effective communication services worldwide. It aims to create an online sphere without antenna towers, roaming, dead zones and distinction between rural and urban regions. By achieving this, the platform intends to enable the excluded 60% of the population to obtain cheaper communication services, offering them an opportunity to be a part of the global economy.

Satellite Communication Satellites

ISG has developed a robust Satellite Communication System (SCS) that can seamlessly function individually, as well as collaboratively with the existing global telecommunication networks. The system is based on a low-orbit communication satellite that offers the possibility of 100% coverage, thereby eliminating dead zones. Additionally, the SCS intends to offer high-speed data transmission of up to 12 Mbps, along with stable and affordable voice and multimedia communication services to air subscribers, who are traveling at the speed of up to 12,000 km/hr.

Maximum Security Assurance

Due to the present complex structure, the communication industry is highly vulnerable to security and privacy threats. ISG has addressed these concerns and harnessed the potentials of blockchain to offer secure and reliable communication solutions. Moreover, the platform adheres to high-security standards and offers wireless data transmission that further protects any data tampering.

ISG – A Decentralized Approach to Modern Communication

ISG offers cost-effective connectivity to multiple sectors including defence agencies, phone and cellular companies, internet service providers, oil and gas industry, etc. By leveraging satellite communication and blockchain technology, the company has developed a network that provides strong, stable, and cost-effective communication services worldwide.