JPMorgan to Acquire Leading Data Platform Aumni in Venture Capital Service Push

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JPMorgan to Acquire Leading Data Platform Aumni in Venture Capital Service Push
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Financial powerhouse JPMorgan will acquire Aumni for the data platform’s value at its last fundraising in 2021. 

Banking giant JPMorgan appears set to acquire leading venture and private markets investment data platform Aumni. Yesterday, the New York-based multinational financial services company announced a definitive purchase agreement with Aumni. Although JPMorgan did not disclose financial terms, the bank expects to pay the data platform’s value at its last fundraising in 2021. This implies that JPMorgan could fork out around $232 million for Aumni. Furthermore, the banking powerhouse expects to wrap up the acquisition in the first half of 2023.

JPMorgan to Leverage Aumni Data Resources for Venture Capital Market Ambitions

The Aumni acquisition feeds into JPMorgan’s larger plans to forge deeper ties with the venture capital space amid the banking crisis. The bank reportedly decided to purchase the data analytics platform after leading its funding round in 2021. The acquisition, considered a strategic move, would see JPMorgan enhance Aumni as a leading private markets data platform for several entities. These include companies, their employees, investors, and the venture-backed ecosystem.

Enthusing about the acquisition, JPMorgan Head of Digital Investment Banking Michael Elanjian said:

“Aumni’s market-leading data structuring and portfolio monitoring solutions, combined with the capital raising and cap table management services of Capital Connect and Global Shares, further enhances the ecosystem of digital solutions that JPMorgan is building for companies and investors in both growth and later-stage private markets.”

According to Elanijian, JPMorgan seeks to become the “end-to-end ecosystem provider” for venture and private market investors.

Aumni chief executive Tony Lewis also expressed excitement at the deal and the potential of both platforms’ combined resources. As he put it:

“We are excited to partner with JPMorgan, expediting the realization of our vision to bring more structure, transparency, and liquidity to the historically opaque private markets. Together, we can create a best-in-class suite of services for private market participants, enhancing the experience for all current and future clients.”


Founded in 2018, Aumni’s proprietary data analytics functionality analyzes essential legal and economic terms that support growth-stage private market transactions. With Aumni’s efforts, investors can access critical portfolio investment terms easily.

The leading investment analytics software provider has a diverse client base of more than 300 institutions. These range from emerging and established VC managers to prominent multinational asset management firms.

Aumni currently boasts of evaluations worth more than $600 billion in invested capital across over 17,000 private companies. Following the JPMorgan acquisition, the data analytics firm complements the bank’s recent Capital Connect launch. Aumni also potentially helps Global Shares, an Irish financial tech platform acquired by JPMorgan last year.

Investors resorted to Aumni’s services in recent weeks following the epic collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank. Amid the resulting shockwaves from these collapses, many of these investors worried about midsize bank uninsured deposits. In addition, these investors wanted to know whether they had the legal rights to inspect their financial books.

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