Introducing Kryxivia: An Innovative Play-to-Earn MMORPG Leveraging NFT on Blockchain

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Introducing Kryxivia: An Innovative Play-to-Earn MMORPG Leveraging NFT on Blockchain
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Play now an interactive and fun 3D MMORPG on your browser with your friends, while collecting NFTs that you give rewards backed by crypto-assets returns won from your progress in the Kryxivia universe.

The cryptocurrency industry has connected to nearly every industry in the world in one way or another over the last decade, but none accepted it as strongly or as enthusiastically as the gaming industry. Many still remember Crypto Kitties, the first dApp to blow up on Ethereum’s network, which was essentially the first kind of blockchain game.

Now, five years later, the crypto industry has seen plenty of growth and development that allowed the creation of a lot more complex products. Along the way, crypto trends such as DeFi and NFTs have also been introduced into the mix, which then led to the birth of things like Kryxivia, a growing blockchain-based MMORPG.

What Is Kryxivia?

As mentioned, Kryxivia is an innovative, blockchain-based fantasy 3D MMORPG that you can play on pretty much any modern browser. The game is also directly available on the project’s website, where users will be greeted by an entire ecosystem that is waiting to be discovered and explored.

The reason why this game has been blowing up, however, is that it also allows players to earn cryptocurrency, as well as unique rare NFTs, all while playing the game and essentially just having fun. The game works like any old style MMORPG, allowing you to build your own character, explore its world, fight in dungeons, raid bosses, but it also has DeFi elements, such as allowing you to stake your currency in the banks.

You can also farm special items, cast spells from magical gems called Kryxit, which you are expected to look for and collect, and have them even linked to your items. Looted Kryxit and other in-game items can also be traded in auction houses within the game itself, or you can take them to a 3rd-party decentralized NFT marketplace.

So, in other words, you are just expected to play the game, make a strong character, explore the world, and have fun with your friends.

How Does Kryxivia Allow You to Earn?

Kryxivia is a game where players farm Kryxits, loot items, and earn KXS tokens. To do it, however, they will have to go to the mine located near the big mountain not far from Kryxivia City. Inside, there will be different types of dungeons that players can explore with friends, collect rewards, go to different biomes, and earn all kinds of different Kryxit.

Different Kryxit will, of course, yield different spell elements. After players successfully end a room in the mine, they will sometimes also find items that the monsters have dropped. The harder they are to kill, the rarer the items they will drop.

Sometimes, monsters will even drop KXS tokens, and all of this loot can be exported as NFTs. Then, users can take them to 3rd party auction houses to speculate on their value and earn more KXS. Meanwhile, within the city itself, there is a bank where items and tokens can be deposited.

Users will get rewarded automatically by the city in thanks for participation in this staking program and locking up their contents in the bank. In doing so, they are helping the city expand, which will then allow users to farm more Kryxit, and the cycle continues.

After a while, Kryxivia will also see some new elements, such as a PVP system. However, for the time being, there is no conflict between the factions, as everyone is focused on extracting Kryxit from the mine. Even so, some tension can be felt in the area, indicating that the PVP system will be welcomed once it arrives.

How to Play Kryxivia?

If all of this sounds interesting to you and you are interested in playing Kryxivia, there are a few things that you need to know and prepare for. First things first – Kryxivia can be accessed from any browser, and you can play it on any computer with an adequate GPU. However, to authenticate and log in, you will also need to have a MetaMask wallet.

This is a software crypto wallet used to interact with certain blockchains, including BSC and ETH. You can access the wallet and the funds stored within through a browser extension.

After creating the wallet, you can go to Kryxivia’s website and hit the Play button on the home page. You will have to connect the wallet after clicking the button, and then a confirmation for digital signature verification will appear to ensure that you are the owner of the wallet address.

After you verify your signature, you will be able to start the download of the game, and then launch it soon after that. You will then have to select your region, either Europe or the US (for the moment) to reduce your latency. After that, you will be ready to start your exploration.

What Is Next for Kryxivia?

According to Kryxivia’s roadmap, the project has been extremely productive in 2021, completing all the goals that it set for Q3 and almost all of them for Q4. The goals that have yet to be reached in the next month and a half include kickstarting the KXA token via the public sale to create the asset pool liquidity, deploying the whitelist for the private Alpha pre-access, creating an Uniswap-controlled pool for the in-game tokens, and listings on the likes of CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and alike.

Then, in 2022, the project has a completely new set of goals that can be seen in the roadmap section of its documentation.


Blockchain-based gaming is exploding faster than ever, and games like Kryxivia are only going to become more common and more popular. The gaming industry is the first to onboard the blockchain and grow on it so quickly, but others will undoubtedly follow in one way or another in the near future.

For now, however, blockchain enthusiasts get an epic new game to play, collect items, stake, sell, trade, and more in order to grow and improve, as well as earn along the way.

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