Is Latin America the New Blockchain Haven?

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
Is Latin America the New Blockchain Haven?
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The first blockchain-based sports entertainment platform Fight To Fame is launching a new competition for movie actors.

Latin America as a region has a number of unique economic challenges. Currency devaluation in Venezuela has continued to crater the economy and impact the lives of millions while tariffs impact trade in Mexico. There seems to be no singular solution to the region’s problems as each country has its own unique set of economic and social challenges, but moving towards decentralized platforms may provide a new path forward and Latin American countries have been embracing this rapidly. And both countries and their citizens are looking for a better way to secure assets and participate in the global economy. Blockchain-based companies have become increasingly popular in the region, from charity focused AirDrops to peer to peer transactions.  

The latest development comes from international entertainment company Fight to Fame, that announced last week that telenovela star Fernando Carrillo had joined their team as the Champion Ambassador for Latin America. Carrillo joins Flex Moore, Chairman of the Board Fight to Fame Action Star Reality Show, and others on the project. Carillo was born in Venezuela but now Mexico has become his home. So, both countries are close to him. Carrillo has managed to build a successful international entertainment career which started with his debut on TV in 1986 and continues to look for opportunities to give back to his community. Carrillo’s dynamic career has seen him as a talented actor, model, musician, and singer. Now one of the biggest stars in Latin America is turning his attention to the blockchain, with the next big thing in entertainment. 

“I am honored to be part of this effort to invigorate the film industry worldwide, and to specifically help source and nurture rising talent from countries in Latin America. As my experiences in life and work have taught me, there can be no true happiness achieved without stability and creating meaning beyond one’s self. Fight To Fame is creating this on behalf of both established and rising talent, and it’s incredibly inspiring to me,” said Carrillo about the project. 

Fight to Fame is looking to create a new path to stardom for fighters to become action movie stars. Supported with a blockchain platform to allow fan interaction and to manage contracts, Fight to Fame will be hosting a Reality TV show slated for 2020 with the promise of a movie contract for the final winner.

The company is currently conducting a global search for talents to unearth the next generation of fighters through a series of various challenges. The winners of this competition will proceed to secure starring roles in future Hollywood action movies. And it will be possible thanks to the collaborations and partnerships that the company has managed to find among production companies. 

Will it be a Latin American fighter who will be crowned the ultimate Fight to Fame champion? It’s too early to tell, but with Carrillo backing the project, it’s obvious that blockchain is going to continue to shine in Latin America. 

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