Facebook’s Libra Has New 2.0. Roadmap for Launching Next Year

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Facebook’s Libra Has New 2.0. Roadmap for Launching Next Year
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Facebook’s Libra, which still has no hard and fast dates for an actual launch, continues to build up its community. The Libra team has released its 2.0 roadmap.

It seems that Libra developers are pretty serious when it comes to launching next year. The Libra Association announced it has published its second, 2.0. roadmap for Libra Core, the initial software that supports the planned Libra network. Even though there are many regulatory uncertainties, and there are no concrete dates for an actual launch, Facebook‘s Libra is continuing to build up its community.

As per the recent blog post, the project seems to be still operational and already tests its technology with Libra Association members. The whole point of the 2.0. roadmap is that developers, companies, and consumers can build their own projects through it because it was built on open-source software.

But let us remind you that the first roadmap was released in October. We reported how it highlights 4 major milestones to be attained before the launch of the Libra network. The Calibra team then said that the first milestone will be to get five partners working as operating nodes. By the time of attaining the fourth milestone, the Calibra team plans to have at least 100 nodes on the network.

Three Main Focus Areas

According to the official blog, on the 2.0. roadmap, developers are focusing on three main areas. The first one includes developers that are done with the design of most major characteristics for the mainnet including full nodes. The team now opts to finish all features by its priority. Developers’ actions will be composed of making a total package of Libra protocol architecture documents as well together with creating the network’s application program interfaces (APIs).

The second focus goes to the metrics. Libra developers will work to determine all kinds of metrics that are crucial for Libra Core, the Libra protocol and wallet dependencies, among other things. This will present a very important part when it comes to the final product – meaning, measuring its success and identifying dependencies, per the roadmap.

The third one regards the entity itself. That means the association is taking steps to lift its transparency and support the members of the Libra community to become a part of the project. The roadmap states that Libra’s squad is now working on deriving product requirements around the Libra infrastructure and APIs directly from client developers.

Everyone’s Invited

From the Association its developers said:

“The Libra Association, Partnerships, and the Libra protocol team are working on a strategy to assist non-technical members to deploy when the software is feature complete. Such members need to start preparing for how they will deploy their validator node, either by hiring technical support or utilizing a third party to run their validator node. Going forward, we will focus on inviting organizations to join the Libra Association, keep growing the network, and continue marching towards a self-service model.”

One of the board members, Patrick Ellis, noted that there is no clear-cut plan for the launch. He said he is convinced the project will be launched by the end of next year and added:

“At this stage, there is no strategy set in stone for the markets or the product, or how it will actually get rolled out.”

Be it as it may, in spite of the humongous work done by developers, Libra may take most of the year 2020 to get close to the final deal. The criteria for the roadmap are still in flux, and have to be finalized by June 2020, when Libra will once again face the regulators.

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