Lucky Maneki: the Luckiest Addition to the NFT Space

June 24th, 2021 at 4:12 pm UTC · 3 min read

Lucky Maneki: the Luckiest Addition to the NFT Space

Calling all cool cats and kittens, we are pleased to announce the luckiest addition to the NFT space, Lucky Maneki. Hailing from the land of Luckeania, not much is known about the true origins of Lucky Maneki. The Lucky Manekis have deep ties to the spirit of creativity, luck, and good fortune. 40 Epic one-of-one Manekis were first discovered in Luckeania and they are known for bringing exceptional luck to the collector. Since then, more Manekis came to Luckeania and inherited some of the lucky properties of the original Epic Manekis.

14,159 Manekis will be launched onto the blockchain, a historically lucky number. Owners of Manekis will be able to name their furry friend, which will be stored on the blockchain for eternity, allowing the owner to make their stamp in the history of the blockchain. Of course, that is not all. Lucky Maneki have also incorporated giveaway mechanics to reward the most loyal Maneki owners. One of which is the Lucky Bank, a crypto wallet which will store a percentage of each sale. Once a minimum balance is reached, the funds will be donated to a charity that the community chooses. You’ll find more information on that and be able to chat with the artists directly on their Discord server. Not all 14,159 Manekis will be released at one time, there are exclusives saved for community rare rewards and prizes too, so being an active part of their community has huge advantages.

In order to look after the environment of Luckeania and the rest of the world, Lucky Maneki are committed to making sure all their cats are taken care of and have a beautiful place to live by ensuring the project’s carbon paw print is offset.

The exclusive Lucky Manekis will be released to the blockchain at the end of June. In the meantime, there’s lots to prepare, trimming fur, clipping claws and practicing the perfect purr. Until then, you can keep up to date with them on Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram.

These crafty Manekis have many disguises and distinguishable features, from the more obvious backgrounds and accessories recognised by many, right down to ultra fine whiskers and hair splitting fur patterns that only the most curious of cats will see. Every Maneki is made up of 412 potential lucky properties, no two are the same; these properties will help collectors and traders establish the value of each Lucky Maneki.

Owning a Lucky Maneki benefits the holder in many ways, not just a cute addition to their NFT collection, if the feline friend is especially lucky then their value can appreciate! Purchasing a Lucky Maneki also allows you access to the Lucky Chest; where a cheeky Pirate Maneki has hidden some treasure in a chest, Maneki fans will have to solve clues and answer questions to unlock and obtain its contents.. There are also activities, challenges and competitions running on their community Discord channel which you can join here.

Lucky Maneki collectibles project is a brainchild of a fully decentralized team of artists, copywriters, blockchain developers and NFT enthusiasts.


Lucky Maneki

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