World’s First DeFi OTC Marketplace Marsbase Added More Than 1000 Tokens for P2P Exchange

Place/Date: - July 26th, 2022 at 1:14 pm UTC · 4 min read
Source: Marsbase

Marsbase announces the launch of its dOTC platform with the ability to exchange P2P more than 1,000 crypto assets of Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchains without the risk of affecting their market price or losing money on slippage. The company is soon to support Polygon and NEAR protocol.

This month launches the improved version of the first DeFi OTC marketplace for over-the-counter trading of crypto assets.


It is a unique place for P2P liquidity aggregation, where one large order can be sold to a large number of traders, and the offermaker can set absolutely any price for the traded assets, be it a 10% or 15% discount or a premium price. But the main thing is that this discount is often much less than slippage.

This is made possible by different types of OTC deals with fixed prices and bidding and discounting possibilities. Due to the participation of a large number of small retail investors in the deals, users can now quickly aggregate the necessary liquidity and close deals.

Denis Isaulov, COO and Product Director at Marsbase, said:

“We are ready to present the improved and fully-functional version of Marsbase dOTC to investment funds, found advisors, retail investors, miners and liquidity providers.”

The main launch of summer 2022!

Starting from July 2022 Marsbase launches its mainnet. The platform users are now able to trade more than 1,000 pairs of digital assets in the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks. The platform is soon to switch cross-chain infrastructure. This will extensively increase the P2P trading possibilities, as the NEAR and Polygon blockchains are going to be added.

Marsbase is also a great trading tool for projects, launchpads and other large token holders who can now withdraw their funds to the market without affecting their price. At this stage, the Marsbase team pays special attention to integration with liquidity aggregators and various DeFi exchanges. Marsbase is also working on an API solution that will synchronize deals with a price impact greater than 1%. Thus, all transactions with higher impact will be able to be carried out on the Marsbase OTC desk, and the interaction will be based on the revue sharing model.

Denis Isaulov, COO and Product Director at Marsbase, added:

“The traditional OTC market is not interested in trades up to $100k involving mid- and low-cap assets. These trades go directly to liquidity pools, and for young DeFi projects, especially in a bear market, it can be deadly. Investors, community, founders, all suffer losses, so we found a solution to this problem.”

In addition to everything above, the Marsbase project is about to roll out more updates in the near future. One of them is the unique interpretation of a referral program. Offer and invite links will enable users to increase the awareness of their OTC deals, spread links to dOTC desk Marsbase much faster and make good money on them due to revenue sharing.

Currently Marsbase is releasing its MBase token to the Seed round. The tokensale has unique vesting mechanics. All investors will be able to manage their vesting assets
accelerating or extending vesting period, as well as splitting or selling their allocations using the Marsbase dOTC desk. This gives a freedom of exiting the project at any given moment. If you’d like to learn more about how to make money on OTC deals and Marsbase, you can start by exploring the knowledge base.

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About Marsbase

Marsbase is the world’s first DeFi OTC that allows its users to trade crypto assets of any capitalization not affecting their market price and avoiding slippage. All transactions on Marsbase are P2P and based on secure smart contracts.

The platform will soon switch to cross-chain, which will significantly expand the choice of currency pairs. In addition, Marsbase will provide the opportunity to trade vested tokens.

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