Matchpool is Proud to Present Fund0x – a World of Crowdfunding at Your Fingertips

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 2 min read
Matchpool is Proud to Present Fund0x – a World of Crowdfunding at Your Fingertips
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Matchpool is ready to present its blockchain-based crowdfunding platform fund0x, connecting creators and holders within the same scope

Matchpool’s latest social offering fund0x is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform following the company’s vision to provide real value and connectivity within the cryptocurrency market space. It is designed to connect creators and holders within the same scope.

Matchmaking can be applied to every service industry. All human interactions are based on trust. Matchpool allows members to utilize their trust and reputation. Before the Matchpool era, people hadn’t got the ability to utilize trust between connections and reputation.

There is a plethora of ways to use connections, including dating, membership clubs, leisure, recruitment, education and, healthcare. Fund0x is providing inventors with a perfect channel for announcing new products and generating funds necessary to see these inventions become a reality. 

Fund0x also follows a spectacular initiative to fuse crowdfunding with cryptocurrency. Unlike most common crowdfunding platforms, fund0x will only accept cryptocurrencies.

Fund0x has planned to add smart contracts to their crowdfunding platform, along with many other features. This will allow creators and investors to correspond directly throughout the platform.

A product like Fund0x could not have entered the market at a more stringent time, when the market is saturated and nobody is quite sure what exactly to do with their cryptocurrencies in such a limited space. Now, inventors are ready to share their creation-concepts with the masses, and they will use the fund0x platform to do this.

Fund0x has already seen two innovative products hit their platform: Smatch Z, a wireless handheld gaming console, and Nommi, the first LTE hotspot for crypto enthusiasts. The Matchpool’s goal is to create matchmaking tools for everyone, so that to incentivize positive connections between people all over the world. Matchpool uses cryptocurrency payments as a means of incentivizing the communities to provide value to the rest of the network. 

Matchpool is a well-known company, which builds social products incentivizing people to positively connect with each other within communities. The company sees its mission in developing matchmaking tools for connecting people from all over the globe, using cryptocurrency payments to encourage the community.

Using Matchpools native token Guppy (GUP), it is possible to make payments inside the Matchpool app. Guppy tokens can be purchased or earned on the Matchpool platform or traded currently on Bittrex and Liqui.

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