Meet Steem Arena: First Collectable Crypto Game with 100% Buyback

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by Julia Sakovich · 4 min read
Meet Steem Arena: First Collectable Crypto Game with 100% Buyback
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“Steem Arena” is a unique blockchain game that guarantees a 100% buyback and provides wide opportunities for a wide range of investors.

What are the most important things when it comes to online games, especially if they presuppose any transactions? The answer is clear: fairness and transparency. That’s exactly what “Steem Arena” can guarantee you.

Steem Arena: What Is It?

It’s a collectible card game created not only to bring you lots of fun but also to provide you with almost unlimited opportunities to get profit.

The game offers you to generate your own robots, trade them with other participants and watch them fighting (and winning) on the Arena. You can repair them, add power, special abilities and strength. At the current moment, the game works on Steem blockchain. But it is planned to expand it to other blockchains as well.

The project has a very strong team of partners and advisors. Among them, we should name such a highly experienced developer as Yabapmatt who is a creator Steem Keychain, Steem Engine, & Steem Monsters; and Aggored who is also one of the founders of Minnow Support Project, Steem Engine, & Steem Monsters.

“Steem Arena” is also supported by such communities as Adsactly and Utopian as well as the biggest decentralized exchange for Steem Blocktrades that is known to be one of the earliest adopters of Steem blockchain.

Blocktrades is to become a financial partner of the platform and its management board has already expressed their excitement about this collaboration:

“This sounds like a great project – we would be happy to be associated with it.”

What Are the Unique Peculiarities of the Project

“Steem Arena” is a unique project. It is the first blockchain game that offers its players a 100% buyback. It means that a player always has an opportunity to sell his robots to the special account created by the system. It is possible to put it another way: players do not have to worry about their investments. If they wish the special account will purchase all their robots.

In case you have never worked with blockchain and even haven’t heard about this technology (though it is hardly possible today), it’s not a problem if you want to join “Steem Arena”. It is not required to create and an account on Steemit as it will be just enough to sign up with Email, Facebook, or Google account.

What Benefits You May Get

The project has prepared special bonuses for those who are ready to sign up before the scheduled presale. At the current moment, there is a possibility to become a holder of Presale Early Access Limited Edition Cards. These unique cards that will have an increased value are to be generated exclusively during the presale, one time per each user.

“Steem Arena” is going to join forces with another project built on Steem blockchain that is called Steemmonster to build an inner card exchange platform that will allow players to exchange their cards from these two games.

The value of the cards that you hold can increase. First of all, the value of your card, as well as the robot’s level, is growing when your robot wins fighting against other robots on the Arena.

As the cards are collectible, you will have an opportunity to get funny looking robots that will be valued for their looks. Presale limited cards, as well as themed robots, will be issued only once which guarantees their increased value in the future.

Moreover, do not forget about a 100% buyback, you will get a chance to sell your robots and get the money you’ve paid minus commission which guarantees that users won’t abuse the system.

Thanks to a process of deflation which presupposes the burning of some robot’s parts in each fight, the number of robots in circulation will be decreased which will have a positive impact on their price.

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