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Blockchain-Based Asset Management Platform Membrana Announces Token Sale Event

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 4 min read
Blockchain-Based Asset Management Platform Membrana Announces Token Sale Event
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Blockchain-based trust management platform Membrana has announced its token sale event open to investors and early backers of the project.

The cryptocurrency sphere is endowed with numerous asset classes ranging from utilities to securities, that leverage smart contracts and their underlying ledger technology to establish trust within trustless environments. However, there appears to be a conundrum of distrust among investors and traders, which is harming the development of the industry.

According to Membrana, a decentralized platform for managing digital assets in a trustful way, there are three key problems of the trust-deficit business environment constituting traders and investors.

First of all, middlemen constitute a large portion of the problems facing the asset management ecosystem, as it takes the control of invested funds away from investors which can only be accessed via a 3rd party or the trader. Another issue which lays behind this lack of trust are inefficient tools which cannot provide clear communication between stakeholders: investor, middleman, and the trader. This results in poor investment performance. And, finally, a lack of transparency worsens the situation when no verifiable trading data is being communicated by the traders.

The Membrana blockchain platform is building a trusted environment for investors and traders to conduct smart digital asset transfers between one another using smart contracts. The objective is to build upon the premise of the blockchain technology to provide a transparent, decentralized and secure platform for mutually beneficial business transactions for both investors and traders. Membrana has curled out a solution that addresses each problem specifically.

Membrana has devised a means to safely transfer the funds between investors and traders. The exchange uses a secure API Key function stored in Membrana’s database which provides temporary access of investor’s funds to the trader with other restrictions and limitations.

The trader trades on an exchange via the Membrana single trading terminal. Membrana serves as a trust mediation system for investors funds, maintaining restrictions on stop loss, and the time period for trading by the API key during the duration of the contract.

Investors and traders enter into a contract that is initiated on the Ethereum network, where trader’s compensations are predefined within the contract and are only executed upon the established parameters.

Since all contracts executed on the Membrana’s platform are stored on the blockchain, there is a history log created for each trader, detailing their trading activities which is accessible to be investor before initiating a contract. More so, the platform has an algorithm that measures traders’ successes based on their history and forms a definitive metric system on ROI setting. Each daily activity data (containing both profit and loss decisions) of the trader is stored on the blockchain using a hash sum algorithm that is tamperproof.

The contract definitions can allow investors to transfer part of their assets to a single trader at will depending on the set terms in the Ethereum contract before initiation. This creates flexibility for the investors, as they can either decide to allocate only a portion or distribute among other traders or simply withdraw from the exchange.

Membrana provides isolated and independent trading within the amounts transferred to trust management for each trader and the investor themselves. At the time of the conclusion of the contract, the investor determines the amount transferred from trust management in the accounting currency to be used.

Membrana’s token MBR is a utility token based on the Ethereum protocol. The platform is currently in beta stage of its MVP. While basic functions such as trading through a single terminal on any supported exchange, finding a suitable investor or trader, concluding a contract between the investor and the trader, and contract support until its termination can be done for free, other functionalities of the platform are dependent on the MBR token.

After raising $600,000 from venture funds, the MBR token pre-sale event is open with a 90% discount for early birds, and only 137,5000,000 MBN out of 1,000,000,000 MBN total supply available for sale. Discounts are lowered on a weekly basis until the 7th and 8th week having a 25% discount.

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