Decentralized Financial Service Platform WORBLI Launches Token ShareDrop Event

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Decentralized Financial Service Platform WORBLI Launches Token ShareDrop Event
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WORBLI, a blockchain-based financial service network designed to bridge traditional finance and the blockchain, launches its ShareDrop event.

The disruptive technology has inspired numerous decentralized blockchain applications since its emergence in 2008. With over 2000 systems developed so far in the ‘dapp diaspora’, out of which a huge proportion are fintech products, the effect of relevance for real-world application, compliance, and regulation still pose a significant threat to global-scale adoption of these products.

There’s a high degree of discordance between the blockchain technology and traditional finance worlds. WORBLI is being designed to be the bridge between traditional finance and the blockchain, achieved through a global compliant infrastructure. The compliance infrastructure will be built into the base layer, with compliments to the EOS governance layer. Its services will include traditional based financial services absorbing enterprise-grade banking, equity finance, charitable donations, and personal banking leveraging the capabilities of the blockchain.

WORBLI offers a user-friendly financial services ecosystem where users, developers, and businesses can access a huge range of powerful applications with limitless possibilities. Startups and enterprises looking for a robust FSN solution will be able to exploit the WORBLI dapp ecosystem.

The platform is built on a forked version of the EOS blockchain, where it hosts other decentralized fintech-related dapps. The different dapps designed in the WORBLI ecosystem are rooted into the very core values of the technology itself, providing a smooth transition between traditional financial management systems and blockchain using innovative compliant products that are both scalable and applicable.

The WORBLI platform features full AML and KYC user account verification for enterprises, ease-of-access for startups, exchange listing and merchant processing services. Its blockchain infrastructure offers developers a toolkit for dapp creation from within its system upon the EOS blockchain with reversible, and feeless transactions.

WORBLI intends to serve the emerging blockchain market, as the current dispensation of blockchain development seeks attention from institutions, making its solutions available to both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and institutions. Target businesses will include insurance, crowdfunding, accelerator, and venture capitalists.

The team is laden with experts in various fields of expertise connected to the fintech industry. With their cumulative experience, each member contributes a huge resource towards the development of the project. One of such immense resource is Craig Kellogg, a veteran in banking technology, with over 2 decades’ worth of experience covering Wells Fargo, US Bank, and GE Capital.

At the time of writing, WORBLI currently has two dapps ready to be launched. The Gamma Bank, which is a digital bank offering both fiat and digital currency services featuring a checking account alongside trading facilities. The bank will also be issuing out debit cards to ease transactions involving digital payments. Summarily, Gamma Bank is a service intended to reach the unbanked and lower the entry barrier. The second dapp is known as the Surepeer, a peer-to-peer decentralized insurance market designed to meet the needs of a growing blockchain community.

WORBLI’s token WBI is a utility token that will be used within its ecosystem. As part of its development plans, WORBLI has commenced its ShareDrop event of 1,000,000,000 WBI tokens to be sent to EOS holders. Similar to how airdrops work in an Ethereum based project, the distribution of the tokens will be distributed to EOS holders, but only to those who have created a user account on the WORBLI platform, meaning tokens will not be dropped in the EOS wallets.

Snapshots of EOS wallets were taken at 11:59 pm UTC on 7th of September 2018. The sharedrop can be claimed by signing up on the WORBLI portal.

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