MetaMetaverse Brings MetaSeminar to Discuss Future of Metaverse

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MetaMetaverse Brings MetaSeminar to Discuss Future of Metaverse
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The way the MetaSeminar is structured will let many learn and unlearn concepts about the metaverse afresh. 

MetaMetaverse, an open metaverse project with a diverse engagement within the metaverse world has announced it will be holding the MetaSeminar, a new initiative with a focus on the future of the emerging metaverse industry.

As contained in the Press Release shared with Coinspeaker, as well as on the Eventbrite page, the MetaSeminar will be taking place on the 20th of this month between 20:00 – 23:00 CET. For one of the most robust, multifaceted programs focusing on the metaverse, the event is billed to take place online, enjoining participation from the global community.

The MetaSeminar is regarded as one of the initiatives spearheaded by Joel Dietz who doubles as the Chief Executive Officer of MetaMetaverse. Joel is one of the industry’s pioneer developers and his footprint can be seen in top projects like Ethereum and MetaMask amongst others.

The push to establish the MetaSeminar was hinged on moves to keep everyone close to the MetaMetaverse world in the loop about events in the metaverse world and how to can stay updated about creating innovative applications in the space. Considering the general interest, that closed-loop approach has now been lifted as the seminar is now available to the public.

The metaverse remains one of the most anticipated technologies of our time. While the nitty-gritty of the tech and what it is capable of doing is confined to the big tech like Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: META) and top crypto projects, the general public is more or less at a loss on what the potentials in this space are.

The advent of the MetaSeminar is such that it can bridge the knowledge gap for both developers and prospective users across the board. Access to the MetaSeminar is pegged at a $30 flat rate.

What to Expect from the MetaMetaverse’s MetaSeminar

The way the MetaSeminar is structured will let many learn and unlearn concepts about the metaverse afresh.

Some of the subjects that will be focused on at the MetaSeminar include but are not limited to How to predict the future with Metaverse. N Foundations, parauniverses, and prime radiants; What is metamathematics? Wolfram’s Ruliad and applications to games; Does the Web3 emperor have any clothes?; Periodicity in primes; and Dividing 3D space: Cymatics, multidimensional origami folding algorithm, and quasicrystals. Towards Metalambda 1.0 amongst many others.

“We are now at the precipice of building something extraordinary, but before we jump on the bandwagon and begin to explore the metaverse, we must ask ourselves; Why are we doing so? Who would be interested in jumping in? And what sort of societal and scientific implications will the metaverse bring to the world? We need to look back at our origins, realize the need for these new worlds, and look at the science behind it. By doing so, we’re not only looking at the past but having a good vision of what will come in the future,” Joel said in a statement noting the need for such a metaverse seminar as he is pioneering.

The metaverse is evolving at a fast pace, and while concerted development is currently ongoing, there is also a need to complement this growth with cross-boundary innovation.

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